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Dalung To Re-Organise Sporting Federations Wants NSC Returned

Posted: Sep 1, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Peter Edema

Lagos – A new lease of life is coming into Nigerian sports with the plan by the Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, to reorganise the sporting federations.

The sporting federations will concentrate on elite athletes, while the government will concern itself with grassroots development and discovery of talents.

The move by the sports minister, Solomon Dalung, is premised on the fact that for the ministry to get it right in sports development, it must go back to the foundation of sports which is the grassroots.

But achieving this set objective, the sporting federations must be peopled by those with the wherewithal to take Nigerian sports to the next level.

“We have to restructure our sports where government will concentrate on investing grants on talents or grassroots sports development, while the elite sports will be left for the Federations and professionals,” Dalung said on Tuesday.

He said that one of the major predicaments of sports administration in Nigeria was the election of people into offices of the federations just to satisfy political interest.

“In the next elections, we will ensure that elections are conducted based on the rules and regulations of the federations. Federations will not be created for the purpose of accommodating political interests.

“They must be viable and functional and will be charged with the responsibility of identification of talents. The management of the resources is also important because when you talk about Corporate Nigeria, nobody will invest in a place where he’s not sure of transparent management of the resources. So the federations have to manage their affairs very transparently,” Dalung said.

Dalung said that the defunct National Sports Commission (NSC) has a role to play in the new sports architecture being proposed to move the sector forward.

“The NSC was scrapped when I was appointed minister of Youth and Sports.  The merging of two ministries to become one led to the establishment of a technical committee to merge the ministries. What came out of the report of the committee was just a briefing. The committee had already decided to merge the ministry independent of the minister but the popular opinion was that the minister scrapped NSC”.

Dalung believes that school sports must be strengthened saying, “We will soon put up a council memo that will get the backing of the Ministry of Education to restore school sports as part of the compulsory component of the school curriculum in Nigeria because sports development cannot be isolated from educational development. This has to be restored back to our school system.”

“Some of the athletes have been to the Olympics 5 to 6 times without replacements. How can we make progress without setting the pace for new talent development so for me, the job for 2020 has started and by this week, we will begin to unfold some of the things we have for restructuring the sports architecture of the country and ensure that it is compatible with passion of Nigerians.”