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I Only Cut Him To Pieces To Be Able To Carry Him

Posted: Aug 1, 2015 at 2:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

• Says Man Who Killed Friend Over N.75m Debt

By Idongesit Ashameri –  Uyo


Could it be that 32 year old Anambra-born Stephen Anuna, staff of African Publishers Company and resident of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital was trying to relive William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, when he killed and reduced his friend and business associate, Daniel Bassey Solomon, to pieces for defaulting in repayment of N750,000 loan?

If so, he took more than the “pound of flesh” that the usurer, Shylock, had demanded when the merchant, Antonio could not repay his loan.

Life is certainly worth more than N750, 000. Or was this a case of ritual killing as alleged by some?

Some residents swear that they suspect ritual killing, because after Anuna had dumped the pieces of human flesh packed in bags, by a refuse dump along Itu Road, Uyo, he hid the head, arms and legs in another sack in a nearby bush.

The demeanour of Anuna, a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, when he fielded questions from newsmen after his arrest, appeared to be that of a man who had little regard for life and sanctity of blood in his quest for money.

Anuna insisted that he was not a ritualist but only killed his friend because he raised his voice at him and talked in a harsh tone over the N750, 000 loan.
According to him: “Even if they kill me today, I am not a cultist, I have never killed before, this guy got me annoyed and I had to kill him.

He was arguing with me even with my money, so I had to kill him, you know Satan na…

“We reported the matter to SARS about two years ago and he agreed on a time frame to pay up the N750, 000. Till today, he has refused to pay the money, so when I invited him to my house that day, he started shouting and getting angry with me, so I killed him. I did not drug him, I am not dealing on body parts, I only cut him to pieces to be able to carry him.”

Staff of Africana Publishers, Enwe street, Uyo who spoke on condition of anonymity said Stephen was well known for his desperation and quest for quick wealth.

“That guy is always talking big; he keeps saying he can do anything to get rich quick, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does anything for money. He once told us his mother has been warning him against trying to get rich the wrong way,” one of his colleagues told Saturday Independent on phone.

On the fateful day, a neighbour told our correspondent, Anuna had called his friend on phone for an urgent meeting in his house, and drugged the beer already prepared for him.

“When the late Dan arrived, he (the suspect) entertained him with the drugged beer and it was not long after that the deceased dozed off, giving the killer the opportunity to tie him, before stabbing him to death.

“When the Police was called after the incident, the landlord had to call the suspect and demanded for the remnant of his rent. The suspect said he was about travelling, that he was with the balance to pay before travelling. The landlord then asked that they meet at Itam junction (in the Uyo metropolis), within the premises of a church, where the landlord had already told operatives from SARS (State Anti Robbery Squad) to lay an ambush”, he explained.

Meanwhile, more controversy continued to trail the action of Anuna, who after killing his friend and business associate, went ahead to chop him into smaller pieces and packaged him in nylon bags.

It was alleged that Anuna had tried to escape after butchering his friend and reducing the corpse to parts, with the aid of some mobile policemen. He was, however, arrested with the aid of a tracking device employed by officers and men of the Police Force drawn from the SARS.

Although Akwa Ibom State Commissioner of Police (CP) Gabriel Achong, denied the allegation that mobile police men escorted Anuna to the dumpsite, his landlord, Celestine George, said that Anuna engaged policemen that allegedly escorted him to a nearby bush where he dumped the corpse.

According to him: “I kept calling him that I needed the balance of my rent, until he arrived the premises of the church where I tricked him to. He came in a car with three armed mobile policemen and I hinted the men of the SARS formation who had laid an ambush within the premises and he was apprehended and handcuffed.

“The three mobile policemen were eventually overpowered by the SARS operatives and the suspect arrested and taken to the Police Headquarters at Ikot Akpanabia”.

Even as confusion trailed Anuna’s action and intention, the Commissioner of Police said he had confessed that he invited his friend to his house and offered him a drink before he killed him, contrary to the earlier claims that he did not drug the victim.

The Commissioner of Police also confirmed Anuna’s claim of a protracted business disharmony with his friend.

He also confirmed that the police was able to track Anuna through the assistance of his landlord who kept contacting him on phone.

“At about 3a.m., he gave him the first cut, the guy got up, he gave him a second one and then butchered him to parts.

“After stabbing him to death, he used machete to chop off his hands, head and two legs. He packed the parts in a sack, and dumped it at Itu Road”.
Butchering humans seemed to have become routine in Akwa Ibom.

It would be recalled that in May, a man reportedly murdered his wife while she slept. In the same month, a 17-year old boy allegedly murdered his aunt in cold blood.