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Crime Surge, Evil Are Indices Of The Last Days -Deeper Life Overseer

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Pastor Obinna Nkemjika is the Delta State Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church. In this interview with Felix Igbekoyi, the man of God talks about issues affecting Christianity today, the visit of his General Overseer to Delta State, corruption, unemployment and others.

No doubt, men of God have always visited Delta state before now. Today, it is Pastor Kumuyi. What difference would his visit make for the people of the state?


There are men of God and there are men of God. By the grace of God, this is a man of God and everybody recognizes it.  it is not a matter of boasting, everybody knows that for over 40 years, this man has been consistent in preaching the sound gospel. He has also led an exemplary life in all things. So, his visit is going to strengthen the Christian community here. It is going to have a general transforming effect on the lives of the people. It is going to be a unique program. This is not just a religious visit, neither is it a political visit. It is a holistic visit. Actually, the spiritual life of a nation affects all other areas of their lives. In the lives of the children of Israel whenever they were in good relationship with God, they experienced the blessings of God. So, this is a holistic thing that will not only touch the spiritual lives, but also the physical, secular, academic lives including the work and daily activities of the people.


Why is your General Overseer still answering pastor when heads of some new generation churches are answering bishops and archbishops?

Pastor, bishop, overseer are the same if you look at the Bible. It is mere appellation or title. They all mean the same thing, which is shepherd of God’s people. But because human beings want honour, they try to take the one that would sound heavy. Even some go to the extent of taking Reverend. If you look into the Bible, it is only God that should answer Reverend, which should be revered. His name is to be revered with some measure of respect and fear. So, it is not really to be attached to human beings.  That Pastor Kumuyi chose to be called Pastor only shows the simplicity of God’s servant because Christ in John 13, washed the saints’ feet; he washed the disciples’ feet and said we should do the same. So, servants of God should actually take a low profile and allow God himself to honour them. Whether he answers pastor or bishop, the most important thing is that the power of God manifests through him.


Despite the growth of Christianity and Islam, crime rate is still on the increase. Do you think religion is really making any impact in the Nigerian society?

Somebody has this language he uses which is that; it could have been worse. Whatever happens and you come to him to narrate, he would say “Praise God, it could have been worse.” People have been saying that crime is rising despite the growth of Christianity and Islam, but if not for people like us and millions out there that are praying, it could have been worse. Christianity in Nigeria has contributed to reducing the spate of crime and evil. The problem of crime and evil are the problem of the last days. Second Timothy 3: 1 – 5 tells us that in the last days, terrible things, and perilous times shall arise because men will be doing atrocious things. Matthew 24:11 says in the last days, iniquity shall abound. So it is the mark of the last days, it is not showing that Christians are worse or bad, it is the sign of the last days. In Nigeria we have people who have the fear of God. How about those abroad? They may not be committing violent crimes but they are doing things worse than that. In some places abroad, men and women are mating with beast, and doing other atrocious things that are worse.

Our problem of crime is also a problem of poverty. Poverty in Nigeria has escalated crime. If somebody has a job and he is earning salary, he may not be tempted to go and commit crime. So, it is not right for us to say that Christianity in Nigeria is not effective; although we have not arrived at where we should be, there is still room for us to live up to our name as Christians.

What is the uniqueness of this visit?

It is in fulfillment of the great commission which Christ gave to his servants to go into the world and preach the gospel. But at this time in particular in Delta State and in Nigeria, we know that our situation needs the help of God. We have just sworn-in new governments, so there is need to get all our people to embrace the Lord, be strengthened in the faith and be able to support the progress and development of the country and be ready for the coming of Christ.

Why is he restricting the visit to just eight cities?

This is the first phase of his visit because his programme is always scheduled between Tuesday’s and Saturdays. He must keep every Monday appointment at the headquarters in Lagos, which is our Bible Study day and is being relayed worldwide. Also on Sunday he would of necessity be at the international headquarters or at a state headquarter or abroad. So, Tuesday to Saturday is the available time, and from the scheduling, it is only eight slots that can be taken at such time. This is the first phase, he intends to visit every local government area and we have 25 of them and 14 regions. He is going to come again for another phase until every local government; every region in the state is reached.


What is your advice for the new administration at the state and national levels?

We urge our dear governor to put God before them because the Bible says righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach. There are lots of complaints about corruption in our society and government. We want to appeal to our governor to please put God ahead, put righteousness ahead, seek God because God created us and God has appointed him there. Let him seek God and God will help him to make a lasting impact on the society. At the federal level, the government has made a lot of promises to the people, to fight corruption, to help the average Nigerian, to provide jobs. We want to plead with them to be focused and keep to the promises. They should do all they can to reduce waste in government so that all resources would be geared towards helping the people. They should know that God is the corner stone of any society. America was built on God, hence they affirm and say “In God we trust” and that is how God raised them up. If the leadership at the very top can put their confidence in God, our place will be a better place.


What message do you have for the people as the day approaches?

This programme is our own; this is not just Deeper Life programme, this is a programme for all Christians, for all ethnic groups in Delta, for all human beings especially those who want their spiritual, physical, social, material needs to be met. They should come because the time of divine visitation has come, so everybody should rally round, everybody should come. We have buses for everybody. Just come and enter the bus and then we take you back to your village. All you will do is to be ready to pack the blessing of God like Osusu and go home with joy.