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Clinton Says She Won’t Respond To Trump

Hilary Clinton
Posted: Oct 23, 2016 at 9:22 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she will no longer respond to her Republican rival Donald Trump.
She says she will dedicate the final stretch of her campaign for the November 8 elections to discussing her proposals.
“I do not even think about answering (Donald Trump) any more,” Clinton told reporters on Saturday on the campaign plane she was travelling on from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, as she made campaign stops in both cities located in the northeastern state of Pennsylvania.
The Democrat, who leads Trump in the polls, noted that she had already debated with her opponent for four and a half hours in the three presidential debates.
“I’m going to let the American people decide between what he offers and what we offer. So he can say whatever he wants to,” she added.
Trump’s electoral offensive has been marked by attacks on Clinton, accusing her of being the media favourite and alleging the elections are “rigged”.
On several occasions, the Republican has reiterated that if elected, he intends to launch an investigation into Clinton over her use of a private server to send official emails while she was Secretary of State, warning that it could even spell a jail sentence for her.
At the last debate between the White House hopefuls in Las Vegas last week, he called Clinton “a nasty woman”.
The former first lady has stressed that Trump “can run his campaign however he wants to, he can go off on tangents”, while she is determined to talk about “what we (Democrats) want to do”.

In the two campaign events held Saturday in Pennsylvania – a key state for a November 8 election victory – Clinton was accompanied by her running mate Tim Kaine.
On Sunday, President Barack Obama will take part in a pro-Clinton rally in Nevada, another battleground state that could sway the final results of the hotly-contested election.

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