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Churches Should Be Raising Disciples Not Millionaires – Rev. Chidi Anthony

Posted: Jul 3, 2016 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rev. Dr. Chidi Anthony, who is the Presiding Bishop of Kings In Christ Power Ministries International spoke with Chinyere Abaziem, on the dearth of genuine salvation messages emanating from the pulpits and the craze for miracles and prosperity in the Christian world. Excerpts:

How were you called into the ministry?

My calling was like Saul of old turned Paul. I got born again in 1996, started my ministries around August 1996/1997, barely 11 years after I moved to Lagos from Aba in Abia state. I stayed for some few years in Abia until the Lord said I should leave, that it is not the land He has given to me. One thing is to hear from God and another is to follow the instruction. Thank God for my wife who believed in my ministry, we picked our bags and moved down to Lagos. We stayed in a hotel for a year and two months before God started establishing us.

How has the work of the ministry being these years?

Our ministry has been up and down. When you are doing the will of God, you don’t expect it to be so easy. I do tell people, when God called Moses, he said to him , ‘wherever you go, I will go, every of your word, I will honour.’ Moses looked for signs to know if it is really God talking. God gave him a lot of signs. He saw the burning bush and other signs. But according to the scripture, on his and the other Israelites’ way, he encountered the red sea.  If it is in our time, we will be expecting to see Julius Berger nylon paths. Not only that, when he got to Marah, he encountered the bitter water; that is somebody doing the will of God. If you are in the shoes of Moses, what you will be expecting is Ragolis and Eva water. In the ministry, there is a time we call wilderness time, wilderness experience, when things will be too rough; that is the time to test your faith if really you are called. But if you are called and know God and hear from God, you will have to exercise patience, nothing lasts forever. At the early stage, we did not find it easy but now, I do not need to tell you that somehow He has blessed me.

What are the things unique to your ministry?

What is unique about this ministry is that it is a deliverance ministry. I have not seen a person that comes with a problem and goes home with it. We have a slogan that says, ‘come with all kinds of problem, be entitled to come with it but you cannot go with it.’ Another thing we strongly believe is that here we do not die young. That is why our slogan says, ‘not my head not my body’. I have never buried anybody, since when God called me to this ministry. I have never conducted burial service and I do not wish to do that. Not that we will not die but at an old age when it will be said, ‘gratitude to God’ and not ‘we regret to announce.’ Every man must die one day but our prayer is that we live to eat the fruits of our labour before we die.

Do you have a covenant with God concerning that?

Yes, we have covenant of life. We say it boldly on television and everywhere, I can defend it anywhere and God has been proving it everywhere that He is in it. If you enter into a covenant with God, if you have done your own, God will do His own. What is a covenant? Covenant is a bond that ties more than one or two persons. If you can do yours, God cannot say no to you and He is a covenant keeping God.

Does the deliverance ministry involve the prophetic as well?

There is no how deliverance will take place without the prophetic. It is through prophecy that you will know what is wrong and conduct deliverance. You don’t see what you don’t know. Somebody will say he is a prophetic or deliverance minister and somebody will carry an infirmity for years without solution. Not that they don’t pray, they pray but do not get to the root of that problem. Look at what the Bible says in the book of 2Kings 2:19. ‘And the men of the city said unto Elisha, behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth, but the water is naught, and the ground barren.’  Mere looking at the city it looks like all is well but if you can check very well, something is wrong. Bible says, the prophet did not go for prayers, he has designed and knew where the problem is, he demanded for a cruse and salt, the Bible says he moved to the source of that problem, cast the salt and said, ‘thus says the Lord’ anytime you hear that word, ‘thus says the Lord’, humanity has disappeared for divinity to take over. And every case divinity takes over, that case is as good as solved. Why did the prophet move directly? If it is now, we would say 30 days dry fasting, don’t eat, don’t go to your village and so on but because the prophet can see and knew the architect of the problem, it didn’t take him time. Watch out the ministry of Jesus, He never spoke in long tongues. He would see deaf and dumb and say, ‘you demon of deaf and dumb, out!’ Because He can communicate with the demon, He can command the demon, He doesn’t argue with them, He just gives them command and that was it. Now the problem, the 21st century churc is that we guess. Somebody is saying he is a prophet, deliverance minister, still somebody will be possessed, still in the church seducing people, and he is still a deliverance minister. And every day, the church continues to go down because he cannot see, he doesn’t know what he is praying for. So, when you see, you go directly to it and the case will be solved.

Talking about seeing, with the crisis bedeviling the nation currently, what is your impression about Nigeria?

If I can remember, September 16, 2012, I said, in three years time, if we don’t pray Nigeria will split. When I said it, it was like a joke until this Biafra stuff and the rest began to happen. Nigeria as at now needs prayers. I don t condemn anybody. Some people said Buhari rigged himself into office. Whether they rigged or not, God knew about it. Nobody assumes that office without the knowledge of God. He is the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, God. God intentionally allowed Buhari to be there. There is a reason for it and we cannot question God; though we don’t need to deceive ourselves that Nigeria is getting better. The masses are suffering, we are all crying. But one thing about the whole thing is that this time, even the rich also cry. The only thing that can save this nation is if only we can come to God and also pray for our president. He is a human being. To guide your family is not easy let alone the community and the entire nation. I see him at times as a confused man. What he needs is our collective prayers for God to direct and give him wisdom. What we really need are real leaders and they can only come if God is involved. The way I’m seeing Nigeria, Nigeria will be better if only they can come closer to God.

Are you saying this prophetically or as your personal view?

I am saying what I am saying from all angles. Any prophecy that is not in tandem with the word of God is not of God. Every prophecy must liaise with the word of God. I have prayed concerning this nation. We dedicated one of the Sundays last month to pray for Nigeria. I wish all churches will bring out one Sunday in a month to pray for this nation, this nation will be better. The only thing is that churches of the 21st century are eager raising millionaires while other faiths are raising disciples. Assuming we can raise disciples as others, Nigeria will be better.

Why did you say churches raising millionaires instead of disciples?

This is the era they say we are in and without these things the scriptures cannot be fulfilled. All these things happening today are already in the book of Mathew 24. People are after their stomach, not all that say they are called are actually called. Flashing does not mean God called you. At times people that get the call do not pick. When you receive a call and pick that is when you are called, because you picked the call. Most of the pastors you see today are being called by their stomach. That is why they do not talk about any other thing except money. In the 70s’ you know a pastor that is doing well? After ministration, you see people surrendering their lives to Christ crying out their eyes. In the 70s, you cannot take your girlfriend to a church and go home peacefully with her; it is either you leave her in the church or she leaves you based on the word of God. But things have changed today. Salvation message is no longer preached in the church. We say we are in the era of miracles, ‘receive N30m, oya take your car’, the more they fall under anointing and break chairs, the more they go and still remain poor.  Some are rich entering the church but go out poor because the money they came with to the church, has been collected from them in the name of receiving prosperity. Today, how do we know the pastors that are doing well, he has 50,000 capacity seater auditorium, 30,000 private jets, when you see him in convoys, you wonder. I do not see those things as prosperity in the ministry. Prosperity is how many believers you are taking to heaven. Whether we believe it or not, there is heaven and there is hell. What can only save this nation is your prayers, my prayers, our prayers, otherwise we are heading for doom.