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Church Seeks To Raise Millionaire Through Strategic Business Training

Posted: Jun 21, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Aramide Oikelome, Lagos

It was indeed an exciting session penultimate Sunday at the Rhema Christian Church and Towers, Sango Ota, Ogun State, as the worship centre was literally transformed into a lecture hall, with notable men and women momentarily becoming students of business studies as they listened to talks and formed notes from speeches of well-informed speakers on ‘money magnet,’ ‘agriculture business’ and ‘raising capital for business.’



It was on the occasion of the Believers’ Business and Success Conference, which had as its theme: ‘Power to Get Wealth.  The event was also spiced with seminar presentations from brilliant speakers such as the General Overseer of Elshaddai Bible Church, Bishop Olanrewaju Obembe; Chief Medical Director of Medicare Clinics, Sango Ota, Deacon James Oyesola.

The event, which attracted men and women from different sectors of the economy and speakers from different business-related fields equally provided a veritable platform for participants to understand the roadblocks to wealth creation and how t clear them out of the way.

The prelude prayer, offered by Sola Kukoyi was that, “the Almighty God, through this programme, give unto us the vision to understand the idea that will catapult us to success. Grant us the foresight to invest in productive businesses and wisdom to manage them.

Welcoming guests and participants to the Conference, the Chief Host and General Overseer Rhema Christian Church and Towers, Bishop Taiwo Akinola, said the three-day event was aimed at empowering participants to become successful businessmen and businesswomen cum managers of enterprises.

According to the cleric, “the quest to succeed is natural to man; therefore there is need to know the tips and the nitty-gritty of success and have a formula that can make you a winner or an achiever in life.”

Akinola submitted that although many people fail in life, God never created anybody to be a failure.

“Failure comes when one fails to access the principles and strategies of success because every undertaking in life works by understanding the philosophy, principles and theories guiding the practice. But most importantly, one must be able to plan the best way to gain an advantage or achieve success and this can be done by drawing strategies.”

Bishop Akinola further admitted that the “Number one issue for serious entrepreneurship is money.  Without money, success can never be achieved or realised. In fact, no matter how good your vision is, without money, success is just a dream, because money is the vehicle that facilitates breakthrough in business and is a critical means to an important end.”

While assuring that God is set to put all sincere seekers on the highway of success, the urged participants to make good use of all success nuggets delivered to them at the conference.

Hard on the heels of Bishop Akinola’s address, Dr Kukoyi kick-started the event with his presentation: “How to succeed in business ventures,” which he presented by taking the participants on an expedition punctuated by stops at verses in the Bible.

He defined success as absence of failure and carefully dissected this to enumerate its general and restricted meanings and the different phases of success. With the help of a modern teaching aid, slide, projector and a screen, he taught on the purpose, function and objective of business how to record success, profits and satisfaction from it.

While teaching on ‘How to generate capital for business’ he gave sufficient information about personal savings, bank loan, private borrowing and shares. He also touched on the avenues for raising capital such as “borrowing against home/land, borrowing against personal insurance, royalty financing, commercial paper, angel investor, venture capital etc”.

The former President of Nigeria Medical Association, Ogun State chapter, also made a critical statement: “Only God gives power to make wealth or catapults human beings to a height of economic empowerment but the key to success are planning, focus, commitment, mental exercise, wise time management, skills, marketing skill, customer satisfaction, moral obligation and right attitude.”

“A businessman’s attitude to work, life’s goal must be 100 per cent in order for him to be an achiever,” he added.

But unlike Dr Kukoyi, whose presentation was a pleasurable ride to basics of entrepreneurship training, that of the Senior Pastor, El-Shaddai Bible Church, Lagos, Nigeria, Dr Lanre Obembe’s was a business lecture cum sermon on the covenant of success. At different times in more than two hours, he interchanged the function and responsibilities of a lecturer and an apostolic teacher taking the participants through Bible stories with some business flavour such as Solomon and his wisdom; Joseph and his theories of organisational, resource, human, statutory and global management styles.

Although Obembe also gave more than twenty-seven divine principles of business success, which include ability, enablement, wisdom, he stressed that, “The act of getting wealth does not depend on education.”

“When there is no vision, people perish. The definition of blessing is all-round. Wealth operates on the basis of supply and demand”, he said.

“Covenant wealth is not what we can work for. It has nothing to do with one’s qualification,” he added.

In all both speakers were unanimous on the principles of how to make, multiply and manage wealth as being dependent on self-discovery, goal setting, planning, training, forbearance and prayer because “it is only God that gives wisdom to become rich.”

While analysing investments with strong potential for creating wealth in the contemporary world, Bishop Obembe mentioned those businesses that provide shelter, food, medical, education, transportation, communication, leisure, power, cosmetics (cash) and consumables.

At the end of the conference, many of the participants confessed that the lessons learnt will remain valuable knowledge to free them from the shackles of poverty, even as many of them pledged to use the wealth garnered for humanitarian services and to improve the cause of evangelism in order to populate the kingdom of God.