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Christians Urged To Fix Nigeria

Posted: May 10, 2015 at 4:22 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Aramide Oikelome / Lagos


As Nigerians anxiously await the incoming administration to take the nation out of its present quagmire and restore Nigeria’s pride as the giant of Africa, one group of people that are believed to be crucial to the much desired turnaround are Christian men and by extension, the male folk in general. It is believed that since God, at creation placed the man in charge of all his works and gave him the law to tend and keep the garden, the man, not the woman is to take responsibility for whatever goes wrong on earth because he is the crown of God’s creation and is accountable to His maker.

This position was brought to the front burners last week at a uniquely auspicious 4-day conference of men tagged Kingdom Men’s Mega Summit, organised by the Kingdom Men Network under the able leadership of Pastor Remi Akano.

The event, held at Planet One Hospitality, Maryland, Ikeja, drew a formidable crowd of eminent personalities (mostly men), religious leaders, business men, leaders of thought, musicians and stakeholders in the Nigerian polity.  With theme, Fix the Men, Fix the Nation, the program also afforded notable speakers and role models the opportunity to share real life experiences on the pathway to true greatness in life, family, ministry and other endeavours.

One of such quintessential speakers is the former Nigerian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Dr. Christopher Kolade, a leading leader and source of inspiration who stands as an embodiment of grace, impeccable integrity, courage and strength.

In his very moving speech, Dr. Kolade admits that the nation Nigeria needs fixing because the demon of corruption has eaten deep into every fabric of her system. He also quickly cautions that rather than focus attention on fixing men as solution, the men should submit themselves for fixing.

The erudite scholar noted that one reason why Nigeria has not been fixed is because the citizens are not willing to sacrifice anything and that those that will fix the nation must be people that “value character more than reputation.”

He however stressed the importance of reputation to God and mankind. “Your reputation is what people think about you but your character is what God know about you. Character is like perfume; it cannot be hidden. You cannot give what you don’t have. The question you should ask is- Am I a man of excellence in my character, conduct and performance of duty?” he said.

“Who is a fixed man?” asked the Octogenarian. In answer, he explained that   “The kind of man that is fixed is the man that can testify that he has a different spirit and is following the Lord wholly.

“No man is properly fixed unless the Lord is with him. Examples of such men include Caleb, Joshua and David. David was humble in the presence of God. He was submissive and willing to sacrifice all for the glory of God,” he added.

For the men that want to clean and fix Nigeria, the erudite scholar posits unequivocally the following pertinent questions:

·       Have I claimed my true identity?

·       Has it been confirmed by the Lord?

·       Is my claim to be a Christian just a title or position?

·       What are my endowments in terms of energy, talents, knowledge, skills, reasoning capacity, intelligence, values and standards, capacity for learning, growth, competent judgment, ability to comprehend, creativity, effective communication, problem solving ability etc?

·       What are my potentials? – What is my relationship with God? What are my limitations? What prejudices do I have? What am I doing about these limitations?”

Furthermore, Dr. Kolade asked, “How do I define success? What are my values? What is my mission?”

He reiterated that whereas “A value is an enduring belief that one particular mode of conduct is to be preferred to another”, those that want to be instrumental to fixing the nation must be resolute to live exemplary lives and be worthy role models.

“We must revisit the values that determine our actions. We must adopt best practices. We must practice good discipline”, he emphasised.

Guest speaker from the United States of America, Dr. Larry Titus, who stands as the President of Kingdom Global Ministries testified that one of secrets of his 51-year old successful marriage is rooted in his obedience to God’s commandment in Ephesians 4 verse 29 which says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” New International Version (NIV).

According to him, “The word ‘unwholesome talk’ is what the King James Version refers to as ‘corruption communication’. It is a word that is cancerous and destructive; words that bring death.”

However, he cautioned on the danger of careless utterances. “Many people give death to their spouses and children by the words they speak. Words can kill your home and future generation because you create your world by the words you speak.”

Dr. Titus stressed that “Great men do not use their tongues to destroy but to build and give life”, noting that oftentimes, “It is easier to blame a spouse than to admit that your tongue destroyed your most precious gift, your marriage.”

Titus insisted that words can be prophetic. “We must come to terms with the fact that our words are prophetic. A child can be changed forever by one word; so let no corrupt word come out of your mouth about anybody or anything. Are you part of the construction group or destruction group?”

Other features of the event were breakout sessions and talks on Men in Leadership; Money and the Man; When Leaders Live Together; Substitutional Sex as well as question and answer session.