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The Challenges Before Buhari

Posted: May 25, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By James Febebebo 

Having won election victory, General Muhammadu Buhari should know he has a lot of challenges on his hands. This is because Nigerians have long awaited the dividends of good governance and long expected a truly great and detribalised leader to bring home to them those benefits.



Expecting that General Buhari would be the one to deliver democratic dividends to Nigerians is the latest trend, but that remains to be seen. But General Buhari, a former military leader but now new President of Nigeria should at least know the terrain has changed and that things are not as they were in his military days. This would therefore require him to put on the new garb of a democratic leader committed to the ideals of democracy in a fast-changing global world.

As former military head of state, Buhari was said to have fought a good fight against corruption and profligacy using military might but now as democratic leader, General Buhari would be expected to discharge his constitutional responsibilities within the constitution and not above or beyond the laws of the land to differentiate himself between now and when he was a military head of state where probably whatever he had said he expected obeyed. But now, this is democracy and whatever he would have to do, he would have to remind himself of his status as a democrat and not as a military ruler.

But nothing should be wrong should General Buhari prove himself to be a strong and capable leader within constitutional bounds. Where General Buhari would be able to use the powers of his office to turn around the fortunes of Nigeria for even the better, this would be commended and appreciated. Where Nigerians would have more stable power supply, good roads, experience industrialization and general shift in the ways things would be done in Nigeria, such that every Nigerian or almost every Nigerian should have cause to smile, this would be greatly accepted and the touted change by the All Progressives Congress (APC), which has clinched power from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) would be embraced. But before that, General Buhari after his inauguration as democratically elected President should prove himself as a capable leader who shall also carry every Nigerian along in this task of national service where irrespective of tribe and language or religion and ethnicity, the President would be able to accommodate all to give real value to true democratic governance where inclusion and national integration would be promoted for national cohesion and peace.

But the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) actually suffered a fatal blow at the March 28 presidential polls where incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan was thrashed by the opposition All Progressives Congress’ (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari who clearly now has become Nigeria’s Abraham Lincoln who persevered and pursued his ambition even after several defeats and setbacks to have now to have to ascend the presidential throne come May 29th, 2015. A man of ambition, you would say, General Buhari has clearly demonstrated the spirit of resilience or doggedness in pursuing one’s dreams and realizing those dreams against the background of expectations of those who probably might have thought that General Buhari would never sit on the presidential throne and would go back home to Daura in Katsina State as just a former military head of state, but now he has proved them wrong by his political fortune as on May the 29th 2015, he will be sworn into office as Nigeria’s  democratically elected president.

But President-elect, General Buhari must show that he is far more capable than other leaders to fill in the gap of the much talked about dearth of good leadership in Nigeria. As the country’s new president, his government should be able to fight insecurity and tackle corruption and improve general living standards of Nigerians and also embark on economic policies that would make the naira appreciate in value compared to the US dollar or any other foreign currency. These done, General Buhari as Nigeria’s new president should also be able to improve transportation, promote national unity and reduce sectionalism across Nigeria. He should promote oneness, brotherliness and collective growth among the people so that Nigerians everywhere should be proud of him as their leader.

General Buhari should also improve Nigeria’s battered image abroad so that Nigeria could again take her pride of place among nations of the world. Where the corruption malaise has so disorganized her profile abroad and probably disoriented our direction, there is actually a lot on the General’s table for him to look at or ponder over for quick action so that the cancer of corruption biting into our national fabrics could be nabbed and detained if you like.

But now that the elections have been won by the APC, rhetoric and political propaganda should clearly be behind us to pave way for raw action in office counting from May 29 2015. This is because there should be no excuse for laziness or any kind of ineptitude or poor approach to issues in governance so that it will clearly be seen and noticed that there is disparity between saying something and doing that which you say.

So clearly, there are different challenges waiting for the President-elect as he comes into office to continue from the point President Goodluck Jonathan would have stopped.

However, as a people, we need to give greatest co-operation and support to the President-in-waiting so that his administration would succeed and bring to us all Nigerians the dividends of democracy. And may God help the new administration of General Muhammadu Buhari to succeed.  May God bless Nigeria!

Febebebo wrote in from Port Harcourt