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Celebrating Eid- el-Kabir In The Face Of Economic Recession

Dr. Timehin 1
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Chinyere Abiaziem, Lagos

The Muslim festival of Eid el-Kabir, otherwise known as The Feast of Sacrifice, is here again and would be celebrated tomorrow in many countries. The festival as gathered by Independent Sunday is known as: Eidul Adha, in the Philippines legistalion; Eid el-Kabir in Nigeria and Morocco; Kurban Bayrami in Turkey and Hari Raya Haji in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore; as well as Bakr-Id or Qurbani Eid in the Urdu langauge, in India and in Bangladesh.
This festival undoubtedly is coming at a time in Nigeria where the scourge of the present economic state is telling on many. Hardly do you hold a conversation with someone without hearing complaints of the untold pain inflicted by the axe of the economic crisis.
In the market space, traders are lamenting over lack of patronage while buyers are wishing they had money to make purchases (particularly ram) and make their families merry.
Some individuals have resigned to fate while some are much optimistic for a better tomorrow. This period is indeed that time when the face of Almighty needs to be sought like never before with Nigerians looking inward for marketable ideas to escape the drought, many clerics have encouraged.
Independent Sunday, had an exclusive chat with an Islamic scholar, Dr. Saheed Timehin on the significance/lessons of the festival especially in relation to the present situation.

Significance of Eid el-Kabir

The celebration, according to Dr. Timehin is marked to commemorate the submission of Prophet Ibrahim, the Biblical Abraham who did not mind to sacrifice his son who he was seriously attached to after bearing him at an old age. Continuing, he said: God never wanted him to sacrifice his son but used it as a supreme test of his faith, devotion, sincerity and steadfastness.

“Ibrahim was able to pass the test because he was ready to submit to the will of God.  As small as any ram can be, it is stubborn in nature but God bends the will of this animal to us which implies that we should also be willingly submissive to the will of Allah. For me, this period should be a time of we taking appraisal of our current attitude to
God and our fellow humans,” Dr. Timehin stated.
Obedience of  Ishaq in relation to parenting

The scholar believes the act of obedience as demonstrated by Ibrahim shows the need for us to raise our children in a godly manner. He said that Is??q (Isaac) was raised well, otherwise he would have opposed his father and ran away the way an average boy would have done. On this note, he urged parents to ensure they replicate the godly virtues in them in the lives of their offsprings, as not doing so spells failure.

The celebration amidst economic recession
The lecturer at Lagos Sate University (LASU), linked the culture of frivolous and expensive culture to the present economic challenges. He condemned the act of borrowing to buy ram and asked Nigerians to learn how to control their spending.
His words: “At this time people should learn how to control their frivolous spending. It is wrong to borrow to buy ram. Ram should be for those who can afford it. If truly we are Muslims there should be no difference between the rich and the poor.
“The one who can afford can do so on behalf of the others. It is never against Islam if one cannot afford to buy ram. Infact Prophet Ibrahim has already made the sacrifice for those who cannot afford to buy ram for sacrifice, when he slaughtered a ram for his household and another for those who cannot afford one. Let us know that it is very wrong for people to borrow money to buy rams.”
He encouraged Nigerians to ‘stop the blame game’, beginning to do things themselves and look inward in creating marketable ventures out of the situation.

School resumption and Eid el-Kabir celebration
As pupils/students are set to resume, the cleric also warned parents not to use their children’s school fees to buy ram or mark the celebration.
He stressed that: “At this period where we are close to resumption of schools, any Muslim who uses his child or children’s school fees to buy ram is unrighteous, hypocritical and will be held responsible by God.
“For education is very important in the sight of Allah. It is believed in Islam that hour spent learning is better than a thousand night of kneeling for prayers.”