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Catholic Bishops Harp On Quality Education, Family Values

Posted: Jul 29, 2015 at 12:12 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Catholic Bishops of Africa and Europe have also stressed the importance education in human values and virtuous behaviour as indispensable factors for the protection of the dignity of the family, noting that it is “a grave responsibility of parents for their children”.

The bishops stated this in the message issued at the end of the recent seminar held in Mumeno, Mozambique. The theme of the seminar was: The Joy of the Family and was attended by bishops from Europe and Africa of the Council of European Bishops’ Conference (CCEE) and the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). Also in attendance were a married couple, some Religious, Laymen and women participants.

The message outlined the position of the participants on various aspects of the family, which include Joys and Challenges of the family, vocation, spirituality and mission of the family as well as the mission of bishops in this perspective.

Touching on the duty of shepherds towards their followers, the bishops of the two continents assured faithful to identify more with all families in whatever situation they are; in communion with the Holy Father. They also pledged to redouble their evangelization efforts through a more focused family pastoral care in all their dioceses, even as they instill the vision of the Christian family not only in their faithful, but also in every person of good will.

They declared: “Let the light of Christ shine, by increasing our pastoral care for the family, by preparing our youth for Holy Matrimony, by accompanying our families with or without children, with spiritual support, by taking care of the elderly and not forgetting the divorced in whatever circumstances.”

Speaking on the topic, spirituality and mission of the family, the bishops urged African families to pray together regularly “since this is the heart of the life of love and faith that all family members are called to”. They added: “Since all are called to a life of holiness, let family members strive for holiness.

The bishops admonished “Open communication between parents and their children, in order to face the challenges of our culture, especially now that their formation is more necessary than before”. They called on political leaders and civil authorities to ensure that families are enabled and provided with the wherewithal to fulfill their parental responsibilities towards their children for the greater good of the society. They also noted that children and the youth of today need to be helped to acquire the ability to discern and the will to choose what is right and just and virtuous, and to avoid evil.

The seminar, which was attended by over 35 delegates addressed topics such as: Anthropological, Social and Ecclesial Challenges for the Family; The Joys and Sufferings of the Family: Pastoral Challenges; The Mission of the Bishops in Proclaiming the Gospel of the Family and the Role of the Church and the Bishops in Dialogue with Society and States in Family Matters.