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Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos Celebrates Solemnity of The Annunciation

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The Catholic faithfuls of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos celebrated the solemnity of annunciation recently at the Marian Shrine, Maryland.

The annunciation celebration which followed after the six days of novena was explained by the church to signify the announcement by Angel Gabriel to Virgin Mary that she will bring forth the saviour of the world, Jesus Christ. It also signifies a reminder that Christ came and died for the sins of the world hence the need for mankind to reconcile itself to God.

This year’s celebration which featured the Rosary, Candle Light procession and Holy Mass was hosted by the sacred heart of Jesus and immaculate heart of Mary, was moved forward from the usual date, in cognizance of the Lenten and Easter period.

The president of the association, Prince Cypril  Arinze who spoke through the vice president, Mr. Basil Opara, stated that: “The word annunciation means announcing, making people know. As it is being called it is the beginning of the salvation of man when God sent angel Gabriel to announce to Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ that she will bear a son and call Him Emmanuel which means God is with us, a redeemer and savior of the world.

“One will now ask why God will do that. If you trace the history of Adam up till now, you will see that God created man out of love. Adam and Eve fell, they departed from God ad God being full of compassion and mercy, and severally time was always calling man to Himself, until this time when Angel Gabriel told Mary that the savior of the world will come through her. That is why the coming of Jesus is the beginning of salvation.”

Adding to the relevance of the annunciation celebration, Opara said it is for all creatures to admit their sinful nature and choose to repent and live holy, as he pointed that doing so corroborates the essence of Christ’s death on the cross.

“People should know they are sinners and that God inspite of our sinfulness calls us back to Him. It reminds us that as human beings, we should be close to God and live a holy life because Christ came to the world to die for our sins and we cannot continue to live in sin since Christ came for us,” he said.

Touching on the change in date of this year’s annunciation novena he said that: “The novena begins annually on the 16th of every March and the celebration is on every 25th of every March. But there was a change for that of this year as a result of the Good Friday which fell on the 25th of March.

“The Good Friday is the biggest feast you can talk about as far as man is concerned, so the church shifted the date forward to the 4th of April. The novena started on Easter Tuesday been 29th of March. Instead of nine days, it was held for six days, from Tuesday 29th March to Sunday 3rd April.”