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I can cut my hair for $1m – Uti Nwachukwu

Posted: Mar 26, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Uti Nwachukwu is an actor, television personality and a model. He is one style icon that always graces any red carpet with the sole intention to slay with his looks.  In this interview with Ifeoma Ononye, the gentleman who has never been found wanting in his style, speaks on how important keeping his dread locks hairstyle is to him and why he loves high street fashion


How long have you been keeping your dreads?

My dreads will be seven years old in November 2016. I remember I started it because I wanted to renew myself both on the inside and the outside. It was time for me to break free of what everyone else wanted me to be into what I always wanted to be. I guess it was a representation of my emancipation.


How often do you go to salon?

I don’t have a standard time line for my saloon visits. I visit when I need to. If it still looks and smells clean, I have no reason to go to the saloon unless I need to wash.  Sometimes I go once a month. Other times, depending on activities I have lined up, I go twice a month.


?When you get to salon, what and what do you do to maintain it?

It’s simple. If it is clean, It’s basically to give it a new look and style. And if it’s rough, then it’s shampooed and twisted then dried and then they put it into a style of my choice.

How much do you spend each time?

?It depends. Normally it can cost anything between N4,000 to N6,000, depending on all the things I need to do. For instance my hair is mousey brown which can give dreads a dull look. In cases like that I have to dye it black. So it ups the charge a bit. However barter deals are always available for celebrities.


?Keeping dreads is more expensive than keeping a normal hair, why do you love spending that much just on hair?

Of corse keeping dreads is more expensive. With normal hair you just shower, apply hair tonic, brush and go. Or highest you comb the hair and go.  With dreads if you do not take extra care of it. You will look extra dirty and unkempt. I spend this mush because my dread lock is a part of me. It’s my identity.

?Casuals, suits and Yomi Casual designs which do you have more in your wardrobe?

My wardrobe is so full that I don’t even know what is more. But in terms of traditional, I have a lot of Yomi Casuals. For suits, I go for Emmykasbit designer. For Casuals, I do a lot of Zara, forever 21 and Topshop. Yes, I love high street fashion.


?How often do you get complementary designer outfit from designers?

Well I get a lot of complimentary outfits due to barter agreements. If a designer knows that you make their outfits look good. They put it on you in exchange for the awareness and publicity. Other times the outfits come as gifts especially when you represent their brand. That is the sweetest part if you love clothes like I do.

How often do you shop?

I shop whenever I see something that calls out my name. I don’t plan to shop. In fact most times when I shop, it starts from just visiting a mall when I’m outside Nigeria. From window shopping, it transcends to actual shopping.

?They say being fashionable is expensive these days, is it the same for you?

Well it depends on if you are going for brands or style. For me I choose style.  Like when I shop outside the country, I go for high street instead of high fashion. This is because repeating outfits would be criticised when you are public figure. So why buy one outfit for 500 Dollars when you can buy seven for same price. My style is all about color, patterns, fit and how you put them together. When I represent big international brands, I can rock them as an obligation.

?What luxury brands do you invest in?

?I’m not about luxury brands. I’m very high street.

?What on earth can make you cut your dread?

There are four things that can make me cut my dread locks. The first one is God. The second is if I go bald. The third is if I am paid a million Dollars to do so, and the fourth reason is if I get bored with it. In that order.



Colourful Shoes: Men Want More Attention Than Women


Ifeoma Ononye, Lagos


It has been confirmed that men’s fashion is seeking more attention than that of the women these days. It has been observed that men now wear all kinds of coloured shoes. First, the red boots got our attention but a further search revealed other colours like purple, maroon red, mustard yellow and blue.

Men were never into colourful shoes like women who always wanted to have every colour of shoes to go with all the dresses in their closet. But now, our men are ditching their boring dull- colour-shoes for the bright coloured shoes. Their sole intention (no pun intended) is to steal the attention from the women at events especially on red carpet.

Adegbite Adeniran, One of the music star duo, Artquake was one celebrity that confirmed that the trending style of men wearing odd colour shoes is in vogue and they are called attention seeking colours.

“It is not only red. It is called shouting or attention seeking colours. People like it because it is trendy and eye catchy. For example I like wearing shiny shoe, which can be attractive to you.  When the shoe is black and dull, it may not really be attractive. That is just it.” He said

But this style is for the fashion savvy men and the ‘hip hop ish’.  The bright coloured shoes amongst men started by matching it up with their outfit but now, the colour of the shoe does not necessary have to go with what they are wearing. In fact the more odd looking, the better. They have started blending these coloured shoes with the traditional attire like our ever fashion savy Noble Igwe

So ladies, get creative because men are seeking more attention than you these days.