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Can Buhari Move Nigeria Forward (2)

Posted: Sep 4, 2015 at 12:59 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Very Reverend Msgr Livinus Ukah

Will Buhari continue with the projects begun by former President Goodluck Jonathan in Mambila Plateau – area? The Mambila Plateau could be transformed to a large industrial conurbation by Buhari. Will Bihari complete the gigantic Ajaokuta steel complex during his tenure?

With regards to Cuban – USA relations we are no longer enemies or rivals but neigbours.” says John Kerry at Havana Cuba. If this can be said of 2 nations, the US and Cuba , why should the effects of the Nigerian Civil War linger and hinder economic industrial and political development of the South East? Why should the Ibo man be haunted down, his properties sized or outrightly damaged without compensation? Why should the Ibo be treated as a lesser mortal in his own country? Let’s borrow a leaf from John Kerry, the US secretary of states. Forty four years after the Nigerian civil war we should be able to tell ourselves that “we are no longer enemies or rivals but brothers”, to paraphrase John Kerry.

The executive branch of the bureaucratic realm has not been constituted. The government cannot go into full scale governance without the federal cabinet. One-man-federal- executive-council cannot govern a complex nation like Nigeria. Buhari has refused to accept the interdependence of the realms of government. This disposition is almost always what gives rise to corruption. The constitution does not authorize a realm of government to begin and complete any transaction, project or program single-handedly without involving other arms of government. Each transaction, project and program will have judiciary, legislative and executive components in view of the fact that governance is a collaboration. Inspite of Mr President’s initial pretensions to subscribe to democratic tenets such as separation of powers, rule of law, accountability, due process, fiscal responsibility to mention a few, there is a gradual but steady relapse to absolutism.

For instance Mrs Amina Bala Zakari was appointed acting chairman without the consent of the 2/3 majority of the senate under sect 157 (1,2) of the CFRN 1999. Mr. President’s interference with the appointment and removal of commissioners of INEC contravenes 1999 CFRN, sect 158(1). Mrs Amina Bala Zakari being a full or half blood relation of the President, cannot be appointed to the position of INEC Chairman without violating and breaking the internal control process and rule of law, tenets governing the bureaucratic processes and procedures of the federal republic of Nigeria.

It has been said that Nigeria cannot move forward when a part of the whole is neglected. Infact General Gowon a former head of state once rightly remarked that Nigeria cannot become one nation until Nigeria is ruled by the Ibo man. Recently, Barak Obama created 215,000 jobs in America to empower the people. This is to show that governance is about problem solving and not creating problems for people. Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government focused more on the disadvantaged areas of the nation to develop them.

Will Muhammadu Buhari learn this useful lesson on positive discrimination from Goodluck Jonathan? It was under this doctrine of positive discrimination that President Goodluck Jonathan developed the almajiris and upgraded their lives and living conditions through free quality and universal basic education for the almajiris of the (core) north.

Let it not surprise President Muhammadu Buhari to hear that many Ibos are still living with the scourge of the northern program of 1966. Many have not recovered their abandoned properties 44years after the war. Buhari’s government taunts itself as a government that fosters righteousness and justice in governance. What steps has it taken to give abandoned properties confiscated by looters and freebooters to their true owners. The looters are powerful individuals and state governments that have made tremendous profits from the sweat and blood of their fellow men.

We do not take what belongs to the children and give it to the dogs.

Every part of this nation is Mr. President’s constituency. Perhaps that’s what President Buhari meant when he quipped as follows- “I belong to everybody, I am for no one”. Thus Mr President should identify nagging problems of the nation no matter where they are located and begin to solve them.

President Muhammodu Buhari failed to learn a vital lesson on democratic governance from his USA counterpart. The lesson on continuity in governance, critical projects programs and policies. Over N7billion naira was spent on the National conference held during the past administration. Will the legislature and the judiciary look on pensively but permissively as things go wrong when they ought to provide the checks and balances before this overt slide to absolutism. It is curious that the other realms of government do not raise alarm when things go wrong and even the opposition parties seem to condone this permissiveness by members of the ruling party.