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Many brilliant ideas fail, not because those who conceived them are not sincere but because the ideas
and formulations were not what the target audience or customers needed at the particular time.
That is why data sourced through research is necessary for decision making by the management of proactive
companies, organisations, individuals and governments. Such data provide bridges between the
government and governed, the firm and consumers of its products and services.
The Business & Market Intelligence Unit (BMIU) of Independent Newspapers Limited was established
to provide authentic and reliable data to help in decision making. BMIU is run by a crop of experienced
researchers and analysts trained to objectively proffer solutions to problems and help ensure informed
decisions that will bring lasting solutions to identified problems


BMIU conducts researches, collects and interpretes data, and presents detailed and reliable information
that provide businesses, governments, universities and similar organisations across various sectors of
the economy in Nigeria with reliable insight for making decisions in a professional and timely manner.
In this way, BMIU gives new perspectives to research work.
BMIU also collects and evaluates information available publicly via news organisations, government
reports, online forums, blogs, news sites and other sources, to create specialised value added reports for
businesses, governments, schools, institutions and other organisations for planning purposes.


The reach and presence of our flagship product – Independent – and the strength of our parent company
– Independent Newspapers Limited – serve Nigeria from three strategic locations of Abuja, Lagos and
Asaba and give the Business & Market Intelligence Unit a good understanding of the economic terrain
and political dynamics of the Nigerian environment.
We are uniquely positioned to handle virtually any business and market research assignment. Our motivated
field staff across the country ensures that we deliver to the client’s specification.

We undertake all aspects of each research project, including but not limited to:
? Methodology.
? Sample Size and Structure.
? Sampling Procedure

We also employ the best ways of probing, clarifying and prompting of respondents. We use different
types of questionnaires for different types of research studies. We handle short, lengthy or semi-structured


Rest assured, our interviewers are well trained. They are supervised and directed by experienced supervisors.
Each process is managed by a project leader. Our questionnaires are designed in English and,


When necessary, we translate into Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Pidgin English for interviews in rural areas and among
non-literate respondents.
Data collection and approach to training are fully discussed and agreed by all concerned. This is followed by an
orientation programme to ensure that interviewers are familiar with the research methodology adopted.

For every engagement, there is an explanation of each project:
? Its nature, purpose, scope and demands.
? Outline of methodology and roles of each participant.
? Detailed briefing on questionnaire content and explanation of terminologies used in the questionnaire.
? Drills on procedure for questionnaire administration.
? Clear instructions on how to approach respondents in order to gain their co-operation.


Interviewers working on projects participate in a number of role-playing exercises in class. Discussion and playback
of translated questionnaires from local languages to English.


To ensure accurate and reliable result of fieldwork, emphasis is placed on quality control. The following quality
control procedure is necessary at the early stage before the commencement of the main study for every project,
? Pre-briefing and selection of interviewers, depending on the type of project.
? Pilots of the questionnaire to ensure that it works, followed by amendment of the section(s) found to be
? Supervisors and team leaders participate in the field work (during the training) and as interviewers before
assuming the role. This enables them to be familiar with the methodologies and intricacies of the project.


We provide qualitative and quantitative research in the following areas:
? Perception surveys for products and services of organisations and government.
? Education and related sectors in Nigeria vis-à-vis national and global best practices.
? Health Care.
? Innovation and Technology.
? Sports.
? Youth Empowerment.
? SMEs.
? Women Empowerment and Employment Opportunities.
? Editorial work with research institutions on human and community issues.
? Collaboration with Art and Literary stakeholders in hosting intellectually-driven programmes.
? Tourism.
? Specialised training programmes for professionals in private and public sector establishments on developing,
economic or sectoral issues, delivered with national and world acclaimed facilitators.


8, WEMPCO Road, Ogba, P.M.B 21777, Ikeja, Lagos. Email:
Website: Tel: +234-8111811223, +234-8023381388