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Build Continuous Streams Of Income Through Oil Palm Production

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Oil palm tree is a wonderful plant. A palm tree is among the best known, most extensively cultivated plants because of its potentials to create enormous wealth. It is a plant of inestimable value throughout history.

A lot of products can be got from oil palm tree such palm oil, palm wood, palm nuts, palm wine broom sticks and many more.  Each of these products can fetch fabulous amount of wealth. Almost every part of the tree is useful and commercially viable. Each of them can be processed into other commodities. That is why a country like Malaysia depends largely on palm oil exports for their economy.

Oil palm plantation is money spinning and offers opportunity for exercise, all one needs to live a healthy and happy life.  For those who have reasonable capital and large piece of land, they can embark on production of cash crop such oil palm trees.  It not only requires a large expanse of land, it also has long gestation period in terms of return on investment.

Recall that palm produce had been number one export commodity of Nigeria before the discovery and exploitation of petroleum in the country.  But since the oil boom, Nigeria abandoned one of the greatest cash cow of the economy for petro-dollar.

The sad story was told of how Malaysia came to Nigeria to source palm fruit seeds and today they are the world highest world producer of palm oil. Now that we are talking about reinventing the once vibrant economy, one of the ways to go is oil palm plantation.

Facts About Palm Plantation

The oil palm has a very long life. It can stay as long as one can think of, can even outlive the owner. The seed take long to germinate. If you take good care of them, they can germinate in 90 to 100 days or many years if you don’t. You can plant each in a small plastic container. It adds new leaf every month once germinated. Leave the seedlings in the container for 4 to 5 months and transplant them to the nursery where they stay up to one year. You then plant them into the palm grove when each gets two leaves.

The seedling is therefore 16 to 18 months old when it is ready to be planted in the palm grove. When the young oil palm has been planted in the palm grove, it produces male flowers and it continues to produce it for many months before it produces only female flowers.

The male flowers fertilise the female flowers which in turn produces a cluster of fruit. The growing point of the adult oil palm produces 20 to 25 leaves every year. It is most important that the growing point should produce many leaves, because there will be a flower at the base of each leaf.

If there are many leaves, there would be many flowers. And if there are many flowers, there will be many clusters of fruit. The oil palm grows well and produces a lot in hot regions with a lot of sunlight and a lot of rains. It takes much patience and time to grow oil palms.


Lack of access roads and electricity supply hamper deployment of tractors and lorries for mechanised oil palm plantation. Since it takes about two years to start producing, it means you must have another means of sustaining yourself and your family.


Suitable Soil

Palm trees grow very well in the eastern and western part of Nigeria with bountiful yields and even part of middle belt region.


There are variety seedlings. Select good and high yielding seedlings which can be got from the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) or other plantation. You can however source the seeds and germinate by yourself. It is even cheaper to do.

For faster germination, keep the seeds in a very hot room so that it can germinate in about 90 to 100 days. Transfer them into small plastic container with black loam manured oil when they germinate. They grow new leaf every month. Leave them in the container for 4 to 5 months when you then transplant the seedling to the nursery.  They will be in for about a year you finally transplant them into your prepared farm land.


Give the each stand enough space. Apply NPK fertilizer after about three months. A visit to an established farm may help you on how to apply the fertilizer.


Ensure that you weed the farm as at and when due. You can higher labourers to help you to look after the plantation while you engage in other businesses.


Palm tree is often referred to as money tree. This is because oil palm plantation gives you multiple, continuous streams of income, year in, year out, generation after generation. It is a good way to bequeath a legacy to your children.   You can sell your products in both local and international markets, earning hard currency depending on the scale you are playing.

Once you have access to land either through family inheritance, or through leasing or outright purchase, you are a mile away to financial freedom. If you select good, fast growing seed, you are even a step further to becoming a millionaire.

Remember that a good one begins to produce in just two years. But when you start reaping the fruit for your patience, you will forget the suffering, time spent in nurturing it to maturity. You don’t have to start a large plantation; you can start in small scale.  Don’t neglect to seek expert advice where necessary.

Go ahead; you will succeed!