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Buhari’s One Year And The Effect On Entertainment Industry

Posted: Jun 4, 2016 at 6:23 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Hazeez Balogun – Lagos


Like every election in Nigeria, the 2015 elections saw popular entertainers, musicians and actors alike taking sides with politicians.  They were present at thMuhammadu_Buhari_in_Saadabad_Palacee rallies, state visits and even television and radio jingles.

Many of them allegedly racked in millions for all their efforts. But after all the smoke screen of the elections, these entertainers are now looking beyond their personal gain. After one year since the election of President Muhammadu Buhari, they want to know what the government has in plan for their industry.

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is yet to feel any concrete effect of the new government since its inception. Though the industry has not really been a priority for previous governments, there was some succor during the last administration. The government had engaged the players in the industry and had provided funds to film makers through the Nigerian Export and Import Bank (NEXIM).

However, there are some promising moves the government of Muhamadu Buhari has been making through the Ministry of Information and Culture. These moves industry feelers believe will elevate the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

The most pertinent of such move is the Motion Picture Council of Nigeria (MOPICON). The council’s aim is to regulate and standardise activities in the Nigerian movie industry. And for this, there is a bill being proposed for the senate.

On April 16 this year, a 29-man committee was inaugurated to review the draft document for the bill. The minister, Lai Muhammed assured those in doubt of the bill that the government was not trying to take over the industry. “I have heard all the arguments for and againwizkid-1st MOPICON. Some have argued that government has no business in helping Nollywood to set up a self-regulatory structure. I want to state here that in line with our overall responsibility for the nation’s information, culture and tourism policies, our role in helping to set up MOPICON is simply to enable Nollywood to play meaningful role in national development,” the minister said.

Many in the entertainment industry also believe the most important thing the government can do for the industry is to help stem out piracy. It is believed that if entertainers can make money from their work, then there will be no need for the governmen

Speaking with a veteran movie maker, Lancelot Immasuen, he says the government should give harsh punishment to those caught pirating works. “They should be sentenced to death when they are caught. How can someone work for months, spend so much money and time and at the end when my film comes out, two days later it is on CDs. That is a crime that can be compared to murder and it should be punished by death. If they have money to buy all these copying equipment, they should just by spending it in making their own movies.”

Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko has been all supportive of the president. He says that the government has taken steps in the right direction for helping to keep the entertainment industry buoyant in the last one year, though many of his colleagues disagree with this.

“The Minister of Information and Communication, Lai Mohammed, has been meeting with the stakeholders in the industry. He has confirmed President Buhari’s readiness to put the industry on the road map. My take away from this is that the industry will take a new shape in the next one year. The feelers we are getting from the government in the last one year already points to the fact that it has beautiful plans for the entertainment industry,” Kosoko states in a chat with Box Office.lai

A popular movie producer who pleads anonymity however says that Nollywood practitioners have been feeding fat on the government too long and they are not happy with the ‘tight fist’ of President Buhari. “My people have been used to hand outs from politicians. Instead of them to ask for things that will develop the industry, all they care about is the dollars they will be given. They know themselves, during the Jonathan regime they were always travelling with him at the end of the day they collect envelopes of dollars. Is that what will develop the industry?”

The source also said that Jonathan was ready to support the industry but the practitioners were not bothered about that; instead, they ask the president to give them money.

“Only very few of them tell the president the truth. I remember Amaka Igwe, may her soul rest in peace, was always telling the president about structuring the industry, but her colleagues were not after that. They were after the cold cash they would get. They have now met a man who will not give them kobo, they are not happy.”

She however says she is still not clear of Buhari’s plan for the industry. “Buhari is yet to show his hand and his plan for the entertainment industry, that is if he has any. The MOPICON is just a small part; he should look into trainings and developing infrastructures for the industry. We have talked about a movie village but that is yet to materialise. We are still watching his government,” the source said.

With or without the government, the Nigerian entertainment industry has always carved its own part. The success it has today has been with little government intervention. However, government’s help and support can turn it into a world class industry.

Comments (1)

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