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Buhari must avoid sentiments in choosing cabinet members –Prof Utomi

Posted: Apr 20, 2015 at 12:28 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Innocent Oweh Correspondent, Abujas

Political economist and public affair analyst, Professor Pat Utomi, has advised the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, not to be sentimental in choosing his cabinet members; rather he should look out for individuals with the right leadership pedigree and professionalism.

According to Utomi, Nigeria and her citizens have had to bear the brunt of under-development in all ramifications owing to poor leadership decisions by previous administrations.

He gave this advise in Abuja at the weekend, when he delivered a keynote address at the 6th Annual Leadership Lecture and Graduation Ceremony of the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD).

He spoke on the theme:”Leadership and Societal Development”, where he condemned the National Assembly which he said does not engage in thorough screening of political appointees prior to their appointment.

He insisted that Nigeria has remained backward among the committee of nations because previous leadership both during the military and civilian administrations lost touch with ethical values and true concept of what leadership should be.

He said, “I think the first really important thing that should concern the president-elect is about how leaders do well, good leaders have a way they find the human capital support to aid them in achieving set goals.

“We make a big mistake in our country when we are not rigorous in selecting people, its not just a matter of whether people are brilliant or not,you choose them relative to assignments,you look at the very best who have a clear vision around a particular area and you subject them to a certain kind of test to show if they can provide the appropriate leadership to transform the ambition of that particular area.

“It is not just sending people to the National Assembly to take a bow or not assigning them to any ministries or whatever,it has not helped, it shows that public office is seen as a free bend,a gift.

“But it shouldn’t be like that,it should be whether peoples capacities match the nature of assignments,they should tell you about what they are going to do and then they should develop the vision,relatively vision of the overall leader and you can then hold them accountable on a month by month basis for delivering on that vision.”

He noted that Buhari would record significant progress in tackling corruption in the country,if he finds a way of reducing the bloated expenditure of the National Assembly by 80percent as it was an avenue of fleecing Nigerians of their commonwealth.

Meanwhile,Executive Director of Centre LSD,convener of the leadership school,Otive Igbuzor said in the past sixteen years of civilian rule in Nigeria,there has been leadership failure which has plunged the entire nation into a crossroad.