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Britain’s Fattest Man Is Laid To Rest In Double-Sized Coffin

Posted: Jul 9, 2015 at 5:12 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Dotun Akano


The funeral of Britain’s fattest man Carl Thompson was held yesterday during which he was laid to rest in a double size coffin.

Mr Thompson, who weighed 65 stone when he died aged 33, was found dead at his flat last month after binge-eating for years following the death of his mother.

Britain’s fattest man Carl Thompson

Britain’s fattest man Carl Thompson

His coffin – more than twice the size of a regular casket – was driven into the crematorium in a large black private ambulance more than two hours before the service and was driven to a side entrance out of public view.

He was taken to Barham Crematorium near Canterbury, Kent at 7.30am before friends and family arrived to pay their respects.

Twelve pallbearers then set up a large trolley in order to move the specially made coffin and put it in place in the Chapel before the 150 mourners arrived.

So many family and friends attended the funeral that some had to sit in galleries upstairs.

Mr Thompson hit the headlines after making a public plea for help when doctors told him he would die if he did not shed 45 stone.

His daily intake of 10,000 calories – including family sized pork pies, takeaways and loaves of bread with jam – left him bedridden.

He was found dead at his flat in Dover, Kent, on June 21.

The emergency services spent hours recovering his body using a hydraulic swing and had to temporarily remove railings from outside his house.

Mr Thompson piled on more than 30 stone when his mother died in 2012 and said it was a way to cope with the grief.

He lived off a special disability allowance and incapacity benefits spending around £200 a week on takeaways and online deliveries from a local supermarket.

Gaining 35 stone in three years, he was housebound for the last year of his life.