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I Bought Set Of Louis Vuitton Traveling Boxes When I Was Barely 20 – Elisha

Posted: May 29, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Former Miss Valentine, Maryam Elisha, has continued to dazzle her fans with her beauty and heart of gold. In this interview with Assistant Editor, Sam Anokam, she speaks about her modeling career, what she loves about fashion and the crazily expensive fashion item in her wardrobe

Tell us about the beauty pageant you won and how the experience was…

Maryam Elisha

Maryam Elisha

Some years back, I emerged as the winner of Miss Valentine. I was given fantastic gifts and a trip to South Africa and some other countries. It was really great. I just emerged by luck because there were other beautiful girls that were also quite intelligent at the competition. So I was just lucky. It was a very great experience.

Have you always been a fashion conscious lady right from when you were very young?

No. Growing up, I was not quite fashionable because my dad was very strict. He never liked flashy fashion or style. He believed so much in girls covering themselves up, study hard to become a doctor. That is my dad’s kind of person. But coming to modeling, you have to look good. For example, if you are representing a brand like Miss Valentine, you have to look the part. With the stylist and make up personnel they brought for me, they were able to put me fit me into the kind of personality they needed for the brand.

How were you able to convince your dad, or did you adopt the double personality life style for him not to notice your dressing?

No, my dad knew I was going into modeling. But he was not too comfortable with the modeling thing. He had this perception about modeling that it’s all about showing off your body and that the girl in question will become irresponsible. But when I started modeling as a teenager, my sister was my manager. She goes to castings and auditions with me. My dad later came to realize that the career did not change who I am-which is the good girl he brought up, so he developed confidence in me.

Do you have a particular fashion item you are crazy about?

I am not crazy about one particular fashion item. I love good things. I just love to look good. I have a little of everything. I am not so much in love with bags, or wrist watches or shoes, I just know that I have to use them. And they have to be good ones. I love to use lovely bags and shoes. I can compromise in any other thing but I just make sure that my shoes and bags are good looking enough.

By good looking do you mean expensive?

Not necessarily expensive. I like to get expensive things when I can afford it but not all the time.

What about your hair extensions?

I love to use very good hair extensions. My hair extensions have to be thick and nice. It has to be as expensive as the ones we see on the television. You cannot compromise with human hair. You just have to buy the original.

What fashion item do you have more in your wardrobe?

I think I have more of shoes and lots of clothes too.

Do you have a special beauty routine to keep up the beautiful skin?

I don’t have a specific beauty routine. When I wake up in the morning, I wash my face and I make sure I take off my make up before going to bed. I drink a lot of water and I don’t use any harmful or expensive body cream. I use mild cosmetics like baby lotion because I have a very sensitive skin. So I use just something soft.

Have you ever gotten something that is outrageously expensive for your wardrobe?

I got a set of traveling Louis Vuitton Boxes. I bought a whole set of 12 pieces at the same time. I bought that when I was just an up and coming model. I was quite young then.  It was crazy and very expensive. I don’t want to mention the prize. My mum was upset about it. She said I should have bought a land with that money.

How was your experience being a model? Do you still model?

Modeling is fun. The pay was good when I started building my career in Modeling but I don’t know about now. At the moment, I do more of my fashion designing. I work more on my factory, sketch designs and produce more of the collection I have sketched. I supply to dealers to sell whole sale. I also spend some time with the kids in my foundation. It’s called ‘Save Tomorrow Today’. I started the foundation five years ago.

Which foreign designers do you go for your jeans and dresses?

I go for jeans that appeal to my fancy. But I go for True Religion jeans. For my shoes, I like Christian Lubotin shoes. I make most of my dresses since I have the skill to make them and of course I wear other brands.

How often do you sew?

Not quite often. I don’t really have the time to sew. I design and I have people that sew for me.

Did you study designing in any school?

I studied fashion and designing in New Jersey, U.S.A. after graduating from the University of Lagos.

Gold is the new bling, so do you wear gold jewelry?

Of course I wear gold and I am Hausa so our culture says it all. I have to wear gold. I love gold.

Do you go for the expensive ones?

Many say they go for the very expensive ones so they can sell it off at any time. It’s like wearing your bank around your neck.

The gold I wear are affordable. They are not as expensive as people think. To me it’s affordable. I mean that why we work, so we can afford good things.