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Boko Haram Members Have Infiltrated Fulani Herdsmen – Ojo

Posted: Jul 20, 2016 at 4:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chief Jackson Lekan Ojo, a security expert  is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC). In this interview with ROTIMI AKINWUMI, he speaks on threat to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari, a bill in the House of Representatives seeking to grant immunity to some persons in the parliament, as well as the agitations for self determination by some groups within the Nigeria polity. Excerpts:

What is your position on the bill seeking to give immunity to senate President, his deputy, Speaker of the House of Representatives and his deputy currently being considered on the floor of the House of Representatives?

I want to believe that those behind the Bill are those who are looking towards ensuring that criminals who per chance, get to position of leadership in the National Assembly gets protected. I will want to add that anyone who support it now is fighting for this to enable them commit more crimes with impunity. They are seeking immunity to legalise their impunity regime. These bunch of criminals at the helm of our law making organ cannot change and they are ready to fight their ways through. Many of them are humanistic in nature and are very upright but there are few that are “Kakistocratic elements with lootocratic” ideologies. The latter are the ones seeking immunity to cover their impunity. Some of them are pathological criminals and they can’t change. The only solution is to fish them out and use judiciary to sack them and that is why they are seeking to get immunity.

President Buhari has come under serious condemnation for the perceive lopsidedness in the appointments made into his government. Do you share same sentiment?

I am a realist and a first class pragmatist. Though I’m a member of the APC, I want to say that there is a serious lopsidedness in the appointments made by Mr. President so far. This is very bad and sad as it is capable of causing more restiveness that will further aggravate the unfortunate security situation we have in the country. To mention but just a few, why will Mr. President double as minister of petroleum from the north and he could not find a competent person from the entire south and the South-south in particular but appoint another man from the north as MD NNPC? Those advising Mr. President are not doing well to advise him correctly on the issues affecting our federal character or maybe the President do not listen to his advisers. ?Why would Mr. President appoint a  former chief of staff to the Kaduna state governor who is purely a novice in the maritime industry to become MD of very sensitive Nigeria Ports Authority? That young lady will be there as a figure head and those that are well experienced in the field will manipulate her administration. There are appointments that do not permit on – the job training because of the sensitivity of the operations and why also from the north? The main criteria for appointments now under this administration is your tribal mark, merit is going to extinction now for favour to rule. No longer Meritocracy but favourtocracy. Mr. President should have a rethink.

News broke recently that senators threatened to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari over the ongoing trial of Senate president, Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu over alleged forgery of Senate Standing Rules. What do you make of this?

That was a huge joke. But the threat has made Nigerians to know that most of our senators are merely jesters. What are the impeccable offences committed by Mr. President? Because the leadership of the Senate is being tried by the CCT and on the other hand being tried for forgery and they wanted Mr. President to sweep it under the carpet as usual? Nigerians are watching with keen interest now and we have interest in what is happening among the three arms of government. The time of stealing or looting our common wealth by these kleptomaniac law makers in form of constituency projects and later nicknamed as constituency allowance has come to an abrupt end. So, threatening to impeach Mr. President because he is trying to stop all the abnormalities that have become a practice in the law making business in Nigeria is nothing but day dreaming.

Your former party, the PDP, is neck deep in crisis. What does this portend for the future of Nigeria democracy considering the fact that the nation as at today, does not have a viable opposition party?

That crisis will kill and bury the party. The party is totally mutilated now and coming together is an impossibility. The only solution is for one faction to change name and drop the satanically known name for the other faction. But honestly, we need very strong opposition party to help our democracy to grow well. Without a very strong opposition, we shall be witnessing an autocratic critical system soon and I can say a despot can be let loose. PDP should put its acts together as an alternative platform incase of any incasity.

Quite a number of Nigerians including those from the South-west have expressed  disappointed over recent comment by the Vice President?, Prof Yomi Osinbajo that Nigeria does not need restructuring, contrary to his earlier position. Does this mean the South-west is losing touch and hope in the present government?

?Yes, most of our leaders in the South-west are already calling for restructuring and that has been my position as a person  but Prof Osinbajo must speak the mind of his principal in office. That’s what I believe happened.  But I can tell you he didn’t speak the mind of our people, the South west geopolitical zone.

Nigerians are crying out because of what they consistently ?call mass poverty in the land. What measures is the APC government putting in place to halt the trend?

What is happening now is the consequences of the past but it shall not continue like this shortly. Yes, Nigerians are crying and I must be pragmatic about it. Since I became an adult, it has not been like this tough, economically. I know it is not what this government planned for but they inherited a very badly and luciferically battered economy from the previous PDP government. Yes, Mr. President is fighting corruption and it is okay but corruption is still going on massively under his nose. Fighting corruption is not a policy that can build or improve our economy. While fighting corruption with one hand try and build economy with the second hand, fighting corruption and people are not able to put food on their tables is going to create room for further corruption at every level as people will take to self help and self help can be anything  in the realms of negativity. The solution is for the President to listen to people who knows better in the area of economy to help this country. Putting one minister in charge of 3 ministries will not help.

What’s your take on the ?attack by herdsmen which has gradually become ?a national issue?

Attack by the herdsmen are not been looked into from the security angle but we are looking at it commonly and it is becoming a major issues now. As a security expert, I want to say that our soldiers are fighting gallantly against the Boko Haram  and we are seeing the success. I believe the sect members they killed have gone to hell already but where are the destinations of those they dislodged? It is as simple as saying they have found North-east as an unsafe territory and they have spread randomly across the country now. They will kill the real Fulani herdsmen and inherit the cows, rearing the cows and striking from time to time. When they attacked the middle belt and the south, we were all crying foul that they are Fulani people but now they have gone to Zamfara and Adamawa States. Both Zamfara and Adamawa people are majorly Fulani people . Can we say they hate their people too?? I want to clearly say that the Fulani herdsmen of Nigeria extraction does not and cannot be this callous and wicked. Where will a typical herdsman get A?47 rifle from? Boko Haram has infiltrated the herdsmen and we must be careful and act very fact.