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The Bitter Pill DStv Must Swallow

Posted: Mar 5, 2016 at 5:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nothing lasts forever, good, bad or even ugly. And the world continues to float around, no matter one’s pride or position. It’s interesting to hear that the National Assembly has vowed to bring to an end, the excesses of satellite TV operators, DStv.

Since its inception a few decades back, the South Africa-powered Multichoice, owners of the stations, DStv and its baby, GOtv, has been giving Nigerians more than they can chew.

Poor services, despite the cut-throat charges placed on their bouquets, have always been the order of the day with none of the authorities concerned offering nothing but empty threats to checkmate it.

So, it’s really heartening that the National Assembly want to strike and demystify the vexed issue now. The rumour mill, however, has it that members of every authority that tried to do so previously were offered free airtime to help sweep the matter under the carpet!.

Much as it cuts no ice with one, it is unthinkable that our appointed and elected officials can condescend to that level. Which means that despite their fat salaries, allowances and other millions from ‘’here and there’’, they can’t afford ‘’common’’ airtime?

Anyway, what we have now is a house with a ‘’change mantra’’ and so we don’t expect them to backslide like their predecessors. It’s time to grill the South Africans on why they provide poor services and still ‘’chop’’ our money. Enough is enough.