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Bigger Busts Take Over Nollywood

Posted: Jul 18, 2015 at 2:04 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Hazeez Balogun  –  Lagos


With the risk of sounding erotic, Nollywood does have its fair share of ladies with great assets especially in the bosom section. Luckily, Nollywood shies away from pornography and exposing sensitive part of the body, thanks to the ever watchful eyes of Nigeria Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB). However, Nollywood always have a soft spot for ladies with big busts as the viewers at home adore them. Many of them are top icons in the industry today. 

Nollywood busts

Nollywood busts

There are many who even confess that their boobs are why they remain relevant in the industry. An actress said, “Big boobs does get you roles, In one English movie, they wanted someone that has big boobs and can flaunt it, so they called me. It was because of my boobs they called me for that job.” Nollywood is blessed with many of such busty and bold actresses. The common faces are; Yvonne Okoro, Funke Adesiyan, Cossy Orjiakor, Chioma Toplis, Foluke Daramola, Bimbo Akintola, Mercy Johnson, Afro Candy, and Ifeoma Okeke amongst others.

Some on the list are notorious for flaunting what they have. Perhaps the most notorious is Cossy Orjiakor. She has never been shy to reveal more and more cleavage. She recently said she will stop showing off her boobs only when she is 80 years old. Another actress with a bad rap for exposing her boobs is Afrocandy, whose real name is Judith Mazagwu. Judith’s exposure, has graduated to what can be qualifies as porn. She has many times exposed it all.

Nollywood loves big busts to the extent that young actresses now think that the fastest way to Nollywood is by exposing their boobs. It has become common place to see movie hopefuls having photo shoots which exposes their goodies. Blogs are very interested in these pictures, and they help them to spread them online. You would often see stories like “Nollywood actress flaunts boobs in new pictures,” on many blogs. Sure enough, they get the needed publicity they crave through these picture, albeit bad ones. But for young actresses, any publicity is good publicity.

There are however some of such endowed actresses who are very good actors and they are steadily climbing the success ladder in Nollywood, and gradually displacing those in the list above. Bimbo Thomas is one of these actresses. Asides acting in over 10 movies in her young career, she is very proud of her assets. She says, “They are firm and I have no single stretch mark on my boobs. But some ladies still flaunt flabby ones that have stretch marks. Don’t they know that stretch marks are not meant to be displayed? Some ladies flaunt cleavage that stretch marks have finished and the boobs have gotten back to where it was formed. It’s not worth it. Such a cleavage can’t be sexy.”
Another busty and proud newbie is Chika Oguine.  Asides from her acting talent and her assets, she is also very brilliant. She was one of the best graduating students in Management Science Department at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She says about her endowments, “I see myself as a full package, and every part of my body is unique. You can’t get my kind of eyes, lips and good accent anywhere in the world. And I have sexy boobs that men always talk about. Some of them usually approach me because of my boobs. Some even ask me whether the boobs are real or artificial. I am sexy and you know it.”

Speaking with another newbie in Nollywood, Florence Johnson, she narrates her tale with an over excited fan who grabbed her boobs in public. Her words, “Sometime last year, during the First Lady’s Advocacy For Women Empowerment at the Eko Hotel, a male admirer suddenly held me from back, I think he was trying to hug me from the back and his two hands were right on my boobs. I couldn’t see his face so I screamed and a security man held him off me. He wanted to prostrate in front of me, saying he’s sorry and that it was just an over-excitement. He said he’s my friend on Facebook and watches me on Super Story.”

All these talk of busts and boobs may start to sound disrespectful but amazingly, these actresses don’t see it that way. They are proud of what they have and are ready to use what they have to get what they want. In fact, one young actress in particular, sees it as a challenge. She claims she has the biggest boobs in the industry though she tries her best not to flaunt it. Mitchell Ozakpolor said in a recent interview, “I know I’m very busty, it is supposed to be my best asset. One good thing about me is that I really don’t flaunt my bosom. I just wear dresses that I like, but my cleavage is just obvious because my bosom are massive. I think my bosom are the biggest in Nollywood.”

Well, accurately measuring the biggest will not be an easy task, and will not be productive in any way. Their endowments can be a foot in the door for them but their talent is what retains them in this very competitive industry. These ladies and other up and coming like Blessing Samuel, Joke Jigan, Seun Vilara Omojola, Chiege Alisigwe who have the busts and the brains are surely taking over the industry.