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It was big struggle to write my movie –Raccah

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After breaking up with her music group, Emete, and going solo, Ashionye Michelle Raccah has moved on to acting, and presenting. Next week, she will be premiering her movie, ‘Journey to Self ’. She speaks with  Senior Reporter ANTHONIA SOYINGBE recently.

As a woman, how emotional was it writing the script ‘Journey to Self’?

Michelle Raccah

Michelle Raccah

I actually cried a lot while writing. It took me three months to write, and it was a big struggle for me. You know I have a young son who constantly needs my attention. I would be up till three at night sometimes. Most times when I am writing, I just burst into tears because I know that there are a lot of women who are facing the things I am writing about. It is all about friendship, sacrifice, empowerment and self-respect. It is a film of four friends who lost a friend. The friend left behind a letter, which made the others have a re-think about their lives, this led them to a journey of self-discovery. The movie is captivating and emotion filled. Definitely, a lot of people will feel it and get the message.

Movies with such story lines usually are from experience, was there a part of you in the movie?

Not really. What inspired me writing such a story are the experiences of women that I have read about, those I have met through various NGOs. I remember I was in a stage play and such issues were part of the play. There are also issues about women being battered and one even beaten to death by her husband. I was so upset about these situations and the only way I could turn things around or make an impact was to write a movie about it. There was no personal experience involved but, I could feel the pain of many women, and I could create something out of that.

We know Ashionye as a musician, now that you have adopted movies, is that the end for your music career?

No way. I actually have an album ready. But I am not planning to promote it now. I am still going to the studio to do more music, but I am not ready to do any music promotion. By next year, you will hear from me musically. For now, we are working on the sound track album for the movie. There are lots of artistes on it, including myself.

Which are you more of, a musician or an actor?

Playing the role of an actor is different from playing the role of a musician. As a musician, when I am on stage I have fun and be myself. When I am acting, I play a character which is not me. I love doing both. I am also a presenter on radio and TV, I love doing those as well.

You just listed a lot of things you do, is there still some hidden talents you are yet to exhibit?

Like they say, keep your fingers crossed. There are many things about Ashionye you will get to know later.

Since you had a baby, you have been shying away from the media, tell us about motherhood.

I am a proud mother and my son is my sunshine, he has changed a lot about me. He has made me a lot matured, and has made me very patient. I am blessed by him. Many people think that it is my husband that locked me at home. It is common in this part of the world, when a woman has a baby and decides to sit at home to take care of the baby, they think the husband that has made her a house wife. I personally decided to stay at home. I still want to have more babies. Though I am back to work now, there are still a lot for me to do. My family is more important.

Had you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

No. I had always wanted to be a lawyer. I liked the fact that they defend people. I see myself as someone who defends the weak. I do not regret forgoing law for what I am doing at the moment. I am sure that I am where God wants me to be.

With the little I have done, I have been able to impact people. You remember the ‘Girl Power’ initiative, and now the ‘Journey to Self’. All these I know are touching people’s lives and that on its own is rewarding. I am also helping a lot of people through various NGOs.

Bands and musical groups do not last in Nigeria, we had Styl Plus, and Emete which you were a part of, from your experience, why do you think, these groups don’t last?

I guess most of it has to do with being young. Many of these groups are consisted of very young members. For example, the pressure of being famous is more on a young artiste than an adult. But there is always a bright side from such break-ups. Many of the big names you find today in the music industry, had once been in one group or the other. Also there is no structure in the music industry today.

Will you say that you are lucky to have a husband who is in the entertainment industry?

I will say I am lucky to have the husband I have. But if you are saying that I am lucky to have a husband who does everything for me, I will say no. I have had that a lot. They will say if not for her husband, she will not be where she is. I am an intelligent young woman. My husband does not write my songs for me or my scripts. So it is not because my husband is in the industry and he is white that Ashionye became a success. It is hardwork.

But you will agree that it is a plus to your career to have such a husband

It is an advantage for me. He is knowledgeable about the industry. Definitely, I get a lot of advice from him.