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Bendel Insurance for promotion soon, says Idiagbonyi

Posted: May 10, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Isaac Olamikan,  Benin


Edo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Hon. Presley Idiagbonyi, has vowed that the days of the state-owned soccer outfit, Bendel Insurance FC in the lower rungs of the nationwide league will soon be over.
He made the disclosure recently during a chat with reporters in his office in Benin, the state capital.

“The saying goes that you can chew food for your son but you cannot swallow it for him. The needful has been done. The players’ salaries and bonuses have been paid. The technical team has been doing its job of keeping the players fit. What remains now is how the players reenact what they have been taught in their training sessions on the field of play,” he said.

He denied the rumour spreading around that the recruitment of players is based on the sentiment of who recommended such a player to the coaching crew.
“Edo State is detribalized. What you must have been hearing may have emanated from some people who want things to go their own way.

It is not reasonable or even possible that all the players of the club must come from a particular part of the state. As miniature Nigeria we must reflect the federal character of selecting quality players that can make us proud.”
On preparations been made by the state government to come out tops in the next national sports festival, the commissioner stressed that the fitness of athletes determine how well they will perform in a competition.

“The ministry has been facilitating the payment of whatever is athletes’ due to enable them perform well in different competitions they go for outside the state. With this new turn of events our athletes have been doing well. They have been winning laurels.

“If that been so if we bring them together and make them go through a good training programme they will surely excel in any competition they’re involved in. The sky is our limit in this regard. I have nodoubt about this,” he posited.