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Bauchi Past Officials Siphoned N7billion Taxpayers’ Money

Posted: Nov 24, 2015 at 5:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
By Patience Ogbodo-Iwuagwu,
The Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed  Abubakar has disclosed that the officials of the immediate past government allegedly siphoned N7 billion from the state treasury three months prior to the exit of their administration.
He said that details of the financial scams by the past officials would soon be made public when relevant investigative bodies would be mandated to unearth the stealing spree, and as a responsibility retrieve all the stolen monies back into the state coffers.
The Governor who stated this in Bauchi yesterday  reiterated his government’s commitment to ensure that public funds siphoned by past officials were retrieved back into state coffers.
He said “Every public kobo stolen in Bauchi must be retrieved, After all, its people’s prayers and clamour for positive change that ushered in the present administration, As I swore  by the Holy Qur’an to be fair and just, I will not deviate from this oath”.
Abubakar, observed that the wrong perception some people have is for him to segregate among the people, particularly between APC and PDP faithful, gives upper hand or brings his associates into limelight and ride on spending spree from the state funds, saying he wouldn’t do that, over his dead body.
Governor Mohammed Abubakar expressed worrisome with attitude of some Bauchi state youths whom, he said, uses social media to castigate his administration and personality, describing the attitude as unbecoming of them.
Abubakar stressed the need for religious leaders to enlighten and educate the people, particularly yoths against campaigns of calumny, saying however that Bauchi state government welcome constructive criticisms designed to uplift the living standard of citizens and move the state forward.
“We are human beings bound to make mistakes, where the government or its officials erred, people should be honest to positively advice, correct or make amends where necessary, but not for someone to comfortably sit at his/her leisure and concoct stories to forment troubles”
“if your agenda is to dent the image of government and its officials by castigation Mohammed Abubakar, you are tarnishing the image of the entire people of the state, such are retrogressive tendencies and ill-winds that blows nobody any good”, he frowned.