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Bauchi Has Been Unlucky With Governors –Bibi

Posted: Sep 5, 2015 at 12:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bauchi state, Alhaji Abubakar Dogon Yaro Bibi, in this interview with Journalists in Bauchi including Patience Ogbodo-Iwuagwu speaks on Governor Abubakar’s administration’s 100 days in office, President Mohammadu Buhari’s appointments so far among other issues. Excerpts:

How can you access Governor Abubakar’s 100 days in office?

My assessment on the performance of governor of Bauchi state under Mohammed Abubakar is very poor. There is nothing tangible to show. The electorates have not benefited anything from his administration. There is nothing to show his impact in the state. We did not see any change yet.

Can you give us reasons for this non performance?

Alhaji Abubakar Dogon Yaro Bibi

Alhaji Abubakar Dogon Yaro Bibi

I issued a letter to the state House of Assembly asking them to investigate the present government which took a loan of N4b, in which he said the approval came from the executive council we know that the loan was obtained even before the inauguration of the State Assembly. The loan was obtained on the 11th of August 2015 and there is no executive council up till date. The  interest rate of the loan alone is so high because the loan is going to be repaid in 12 months. The interest rate is 20 per cent and then1 per cent mangement fee. If you calculate it, it is over 800 million as interest which do not augur well for the government.  Since he came on board, street light in Bauchi are not working and nothing is working in the state. During the electoral campaign, APC promised youth empowerment and skill acquisition but we are yet to see anything.  To our greatest surprise, the government is spending N80m monthly to run government house affairs, so why can’t they divert the money for execution of projects that will impact positively in the lives of the citizens.

The performance of the government in 100 days is zero, there is no achievement.

Can you buttress the fact that they used N80 million to run the government?

The N80 million is provided to the Chief of staff monthly and I have a copy if their memo. It is public funds and you have to explain how it is spent. According to APC manifesto, they promised to always inform  the public on any of its spending so they should fulfill their promise.

The governor is your childhood friend, is there no way you can advice him in running the affairs of the state?

When a person is in power, you cannot just advice him but if he requests that you advice him, then you can do that. As long as he doesn’t request for help, who is going to help him? We are watching as activists and if the government is going astray, we have to inform the people because we are opposition.

Are you saying that the government has not been truthful to the people that elected them?

Yes. The government has been lying a lot. The governor has been broadcasting that he will pay all outstanding salaries. He went to Gubi days m, fire service etc but up till now heaps of refuse is still littered in the streets, and he has not cleared them. When you talk as a leader, your yes should be yes and your no should be no, you cannot continue dribbling people that you will pay them salary and you can not fulfill your promise.

How can you access the appointments made so far by President Mohammadu Buhari?

Even the Secretary to the Federal Government that Buhari recently appointed is a member of APC. He didn’t even bring somebody from the PDP, AD or APGA and so forth , so he had a trust of the people before appointing them so he appointed them on merit. Contrary to some people’s insinuations, Buhari  is not slow because if you observe, everyday there is a chain of permanent secretary visiting to inform him on how they run the ministries , so he is not going to appoint a Minister without knowing the actual problem in the  ministries so he is not slow, he has to know the in and out of the ministry that he can appoint to manage that place. To be honest and candid, Buhari is doing well in discharging his duty as the President of this nation because  if in the area if insecurity, he has played a significant role.

Some Nigerian’s has accused the President of lopsided in his appointment, by marginalizing the South, do you agree with this?

There is no marginalization of the south, we have to wait to see what we happen in about a month or two, after he constitute his cabinet, then it is then we can know whether he marginalized the south or not.

Governor Abubakar is yet to appoint commissioners, what is your take on this?

Well, for Abubakar, I don’t know why he is delaying because by now, he is supposed to have an executive council in place. He lied to the people that he got approval from the executive council whereas there is no executive council. There is nothing in Bauchi.

Do you agree that Jonathan’s Government should be probed?

President Buhari did not take over from previous government but from Jonathan’s administration so he can’t probe others but those that handed over to him.

In Bauchi there are accusations that this governor will be a traveling governor and this will adversely affect the fortunes of the state, what is your take on this?

Yes, it is true. To be frank and honest in Bauchi, we have been unlucky with our governors. From Muazu, to Isa Yuguda and now Abubakar.

Are you satisfied with Buhari’s recent appointments, do you think they are competent to move country forward?

Yes by virtue, you know that Buhari cannot appoint somebody who is not competent. He will dismiss anyone who is found wanting. I believe that.

You talked about Bauchi being unlucky with governors. In what regard is it development or leadership?

what I am saying is that majority of the governors from Muazu to Mohammed, are not stable in state. There was a time we declared Isa Yuguda missing because for several months he was not in the state. So we asked if he has been kidnapped, we said in the newspaper that our governor was missing before he surfaced. All of them are traveling governors. There is need for APC to make rules for their governors who are absent in their state. Their travels abroad, London America should be stopped. The people that elected them want them to stay and govern.

There is allegation that the governor is running the government alone with his family members, do you agree with thus?

It is true because he did not involve any stakeholder in Bauchi in any of his decision. If you observe sule Lamido was arrested along with his children so allow  him to continue definitely there is an end to everything in this world. He cannot rule Bauchi forever even if he involves all of his family members, there will be time he will answer all his deeds. As humans, we know we are going to die and there is judgment. After the period of 4 or 8 years, he will leave and the record of his performance will be there in writing for all to see. We will be there and we will submit and they definitely be investigated. That is the reason why I appreciate Ahmadu Muazu who finished his tenure without involving any member of his family in his government. I respect him for that only.

What is your take and honest advice to the present governor especially the rumour that he has been offering contracts to his immediate family?

Time  is coming when we will issue a letter on all these allegations whether it true or not but we know he involves his family in running the affairs of the government.



Do you share the view that Yuguda should be probed to retrieve all money he allegedly stole?


I believe he cannot probe Isa Yuguda. There are states that instituted Judicial Commission of  Enquiry but nothing is done. In 8 years,  N3t was given and he is talking about recovery of only 70  cars and 600 million is that enough?



Can you enlighten us about his identity because some are alleging that he is not from Bauchi state?


The people witnessed the swearing in and his C.V is also a proof because even primary school he did not attend in Bauchi. When you go through his C.V, you will know whether he is from Bauchi or not.  the C.V is open to everybody. Though you have the right as a Nigerian to be elected if you stay for a certain period of time in any part of the country, but the issue of indigeneship is entirely a different thing.