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Baba now that you are there…

Posted: Apr 5, 2015 at 2:27 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Godlead Adams

I join millions of Nigerians to congratulate you sir on your victory at the just concluded presidential polls. May your tenure bring the much  anticipated change to our country.

Baba, this victory as you may already know, is a demonstration of our avowed obsession with  a better society, a show of tiredness and dissatisfaction with impunity, high handedness, corruption, neglect for law and order, neglect for our youths and women who have no access to our national ‘honey pot’ but above all, it is a call to rigorous service.

This letter is to bring to your attention the areas that you should immediately look into.

A. Nation building: Ours was a country of love and affection for our brothers and sisters, irrespective of their ethnic divides, ours was a country of upright men and women, genuinely thriving to survive, even in the face of harsh economic realities but we have been beaten and broken, battered and traumatized such that we now curl and furl into sectionalism, tribal affiliations instead of nationalism/patriotism. We count on you to lead by example and demonstrate to us practically that the Hausa is brother to the Ijaw, that the Igbo is brother to the Idoma and this should come to bare in your body language, your tolerance, your words and actions and the principles you choose to showcase. Extend a hand to our brothers in the South who have been refined over these six years, ask them how they are faring, ask them how their reintegration with the society has been and feedback these learnings to our brothers in the North still torn in battle with ideology and society and an endless pointless war. Demonstrate to us that Borno State is a part of Nigeria, that Yobe can still be a choice tourist spot and that the Hausa man can be a true Aboki irrespective of where he has chosen to reside. This is most proper at this stage of our National life seeing how the elections have created a tribal landscape that should be erased speedily.

B. Religious tolerance: Oh, how I wish this could be implemented today. We have seen over the years, how you have aligned yourself with running mates of Christian backgrounds, Pastors and Clergymen, we have seen how much respect you pay to our religious institutions by your speeches and utterances and yes even your actions have shown us that. However, our skepticism is not baseless, I beckon on you to prove us all doubters wrong, prove those of us who believe this alliance is politically motivated and not your personality wrong. Ensure sir that you continue to extend your hand of fellowship to our churches and traditional homes as long as they continue to play a role within legal confines in nation building; we need them to exist side by side and not opposite each other. We trust you can do this.

C. Corruption: The almighty corruption, so glaring that we do not even need a definition of it anymore. We live in a country where corruption seems so normal, where a driver can give bribe and wait for the traffic policeman to produce his ‘change’in broad day light, we live in a society where ‘palm greasing’ is the alternative of choice. I have read how you dealt decisively with corrupt elements in your first coming, I even saw online videos of how the government of that era went to foreign shores to try and bring somebody believed to have looted Nigeria’s money to book. Now let young Nigerians see that henceforth. Let my friends and I watch how the men who have eroded our economy will pay for their crime, let us see how every sector can become free of this cankerworm called corruption.

E. Job creation: Baba, a hungry youth cannot even stand properly on a queue, let alone contribute to Nation building. Yes, there are hungry Nigerians, I have seen many of my friends thrive on a daily ration of bread and groundnuts, I have seen graduates at the mercy of others for food and yet get queried for having improper CVs, how do you expect a proper CV from such people sir? We do not expect a miracle over the next four years, but you can show us signs of how we can be helped in this sector. We hear of ghost workers everywhere, institute a commission of enquiry immediately and you will see how many ghosts are feasting on our Nigeria. Baba this alone can create openings enough to employ thousands.

G. Power Sector: It is so bad that a lot of Nigerians did not even see you accept the mantle of leadership, we have televisions that last long not because of their durability but because they are not used enough. I know that when we deal with corruption, it will make the sector better, we cannot survive as a Nation on a paltry 4500MW of electricity, the outgoing administration has tried to commission new power plants, Baba, check that these plants are working and help us build more. Sir, Canada, Norway, Denmark and some other countries have developed alternative power sources and are doing very well, Nigeria has a rich solar supply naturally and these solar systems and inverters are working well, this administration can consolidate on the gains, more so that crude oil is becoming worryingly cheap.

H.The Chibok girls: On my knees Baba, I say let’s search them out. There are rumors that they may have been released and for fear of their safety have chosen to remain silent, I do not believe this. These are my friends and sisters from Nigeria. Sir with a decisive will to work, we can search them out. Whatever it will take to safely reunite them with their families, please do. I have been praying for them and I know many other Nigerians are too. Thanks for this already General.

Finally sir, this recent freedom of expression has helped us all contribute our quota to national development and has given us a medium to be heard, uphold it too sir, so that subsequently my friends and I can keep sending you letters, tweets, pings, and broadcast messages.

•Adams wrote in from University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria