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Ayade Picks Quarrel With IPAC Chairman Over Criticism

Posted: Nov 15, 2015 at 1:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


  • …. Exchange Abusive Text Messages
    By: Nsa Gill,
    Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State and the state chairman of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC),  Mr. Goddie Akpama, have picked quarrel with each other in what started from an electronic text message from Akpama to Ayade,
    Ayade has been outside the state and country for three weeks counting and among the things which disturbed the IPAC chairman is the bad state of internal roads in the state at a time the governor is seemingly paying all attention to the 260KM super highway he has proposed and got President Mohammadu Buhari to perform the groundbreaking ceremony.
    As a concern citizen according Alpama, he sent a critical text message to the governor which he the governor is said to have forwarded to his party men and some loyalists reporting Akpama.
    The personal text messages exchanged by the two persons have now gone viral in the state indicating a serious quarrel between them.
    The first text messages from Akpama read as follows: “Super highway is all you want to do, you don’t have a plan A and plan B, this is not good for our development and democracy. Politics is all about people. The self obsessed life cannot lead to any sense of significance sir. A super achiever is
    a person of authentic essence and solid character. Our internal roads need urgent attention sir. Save our roads, save our Crossriverians . May God Bless us. Goddie AAkpama.”
    Akpama’s text was countered by a flurry of text messages from Ayade, which conveyed his indignation towards the IPAC chairman’s approach, and also touch on some personal issues between them.
    Ayade’s responses were conveyed through many short text messages which stated as follows: “I earn N1.5 b for state civil service and i need 2.5 b.
    “This is outside over 22 agencies of govt(.)
    “What do you know about govt.
    “I hate your style of seeking money and one there is a delay you criticise (.) you know how I pay salaries?
    “Other state want to downsize i am not (.)
    “State has not put a dime on the super highway (.)
    “( It)Is shameful that you attempt to blackmail me(.)
    “I am too spiritually high to relate at your caninalistic level (.)
    “I travel round the world seeking fund at the risk of my wealth (,) health and life (.)
    “You sting with ingratitude the state has no money and I have made full representation to FERMA
    “Don’t ever send me such useless self serving text (.)
    “Petition writer and Facebook zionst (.)That is all to you.
    “Repair road from my teeth? Federal road? In raining season?
    “When did you pay tax (.)
    “You worked against me but I put you up for appointment and you still can talk filth (.)
    “How much have i given you so far?
    “Blackmail does not work for me (.)
    “Do you know how those street lights come on every night? How i use my own money to buy bins
    and trucks to keep Calabar clean? How water flows? How salaries are paid? You are wicked for a brother (.).”
    Apparently angered by some personal issues raised by Ayade in his responses, Akpama responded with the following words: “Governor, you sound funny on issues when you talk of how much you have given me. It’s funny if people hear this. In your entire life you have given me less than 200,000, I mean you!! Face issues and stop diverting the subject matter sir. How much have you
    given me? Laughs…. You give me life too? You are God, no you are not!! May God help me.”