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As Crown Prince Eheneden Mounts The Benin Throne

Eheneden Erediauwa; Crown Prince
Posted: Oct 20, 2016 at 1:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa, today assumes the over 800-year-old throne, succeeding his revered father – Oba Erediauwa, as the 39th occupant of that throne since Oba Eweka, who began the dynasty, ruling from 1180 to 1246AD.
Ahead of today’s coronation, Prince Ehenedenhad on Tuesday undertook the last of activities in the line-up of rights by playing the game of marble seeds, defeating Edigin N’Use, before proceeding to pick a name by which he is to be known all through his reign, just as did his forbears.
It is a fact that in Bini Kingdom, every occupant of the throne, in his life time, must answer three surnames in all, while his siblings bear two. These are: His surname at birth, his father’s name adopted prior to coronation and his own chosen name before coronation.
For example, the Crown Prince, a former Ambassador of Nigeria to Norway and later Angola, was born future king in 1953 (the Binis are proud to say at every given opportunity – Aisagbonrioba – Kings are born, not made) during the reign of his grandfather- Oba Akenzua (1933-78) as Prince Eheneden Akenzua. On ascension of his father, Oba Erediauwa to the throne, his surname became Erediauwa. Today, he would announce to the Bini people today the name he would be known by during his reign.
Having adopted a new name this third time, his children are expected to immediately change their surnames to reflect the new reality, while his siblings like Prince Aghatise, an executive director at the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) and their children, retain the royal name ‘Erediauwa.’
One can only pray that the season, which begins in Benin from today, would be remembered for peace, progress, prosperity and plenty for the people, and that the wisdom imbued on the ancient throne would be brought to bear on all spheres of life.
May Your Majesty live true the appellations of your forebears and even better: Ovbi’ Ekpen N’ Owa (The son of the home leopard); Ovbi’ Ada, Ovbi’ Eben (Son of the owner of the royal scimitar-Ada and royal sword- Eben, Edo symbols of sovereignty); Ovbi’Ekenekene ma deyo (The son of beauty that never fades); Ovbi’Ekuaho N’Olo, Ovbi’Ekuabo N’Olo (The son of the rocky arm, the brave and powerful); Ovbie Ikpinhianbo kpuru no Gb’oduma (The son of the short fingered man that was still able to kill a lion); Nohien utete no gh’ughe s’omwan (The king atop a hill and sees more than everyone); Ovbi’Oghonwan ne bun aro (Son of the fearless, who looks without blinking); Ovbi’ Adolo no dolo uwa dolo utomwen (The son of Adolo, the wise judge and peace maker who combined wisdom and wealth with long life); Uku Akpolokpolo (The mighty that rules).
As you begin your reign today may Osa N’Oghodua (God the Most High) bless these times and may kingdoms far and near ask God to bless them as he would bless Benin during your reign, may you live long and your reign glorious for all. We also entreat of the most high that: Tu gha khien Oba n’evbavba, Oba ghi l’egbe rue wi (Long may you reign and may the Obaship dynasty outlive your time.