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As 2015 Children, Teens Creative Station Ends

Posted: Sep 5, 2015 at 12:49 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Chinyere Abiaziem 


It was an evening of entertainment, education and networking last Sunday at the national theatre, as the National Troupe of Nigeria (NTN), hosted parents, guests to the command performance to draw the curtains on this year’s edition of children and teens’ creative station workshop.

The venue of the event, cinema hall 2, was alive with several vibrant performers in their colourful costumes as they stole the gaze and applauses of the audience with their extraordinary displays.

Chief of the performances was the staging of the play Akrifa(Amazons Empire), written by  Mike Anyanwu.

The play is said to be set in 1807, weeks after the abolition of  slavery act in Great Britain, as it revolves around a slavery expedition by a band of British slave merchants who attacked the people of Akrifa at the height of their annual thanksgiving festival with other events following.

Meanwhile, the thematic thrust of the play includes slavery, human trafficking leadership crisis, gender empowerment and reviving the agricultural potentials of the African continent.

The creative station workshop which held for five weeks, July 27 to August 30 and brought about 140 participants, according to the initiator and director in charge of drama to the NTN, Josephine Igberaese, is aimed at bringing children and teenagers together to learn in a fun way during the holiday. As they were trained on singing, contemporary and traditional dance, acting, creative writing, debate etc.

“The special command performance is a product of the one month intensive training workshop. The children’s creative station project is to encourage and nurture talents in young children or youths who otherwise may not have an avenue to develop their talents outside the walls of a formal school.

“The dream envisaged by the troupe is that children who are talented will be able to explore their dreams to the limit of their abilities. The creative station is not just a fun place but where you come to learn and explore talents in an informal way. The edu-tainment or historical series is to look at some aspects of our history as Nigerians and blacks in diaspora,”  Igberaese stated.

Hinting on the growth of the initiative and its objectives, she said that the workshop overtime has helped built  relationships and put away class discrimination. Her words; “The creative station has metamorphosed into a family. From what I hear the interactions among the children continued beyond the station which is one of our objectives of breaking barriers and social class. I call them children without borders for the singular reason.”

Commenting on the theme of this year’s play, she said that; “This year we explored slavery, Trans Atlantic Slave Trade which span a period of 300 years, most of the slaves taken were from West Africa and Nigeria in particular from the various sea ports.

“In our time, slavery has a new name, human trafficking, child and forced labour, child marriage, kidnapping and caste system, these are all other forms of slavery. It is our desire to bring to the consciousness of our children the issues they may face as possible leaders of tomorrow.”

Advising parents, the co-ordinator urged them to always allow their children explore their talents during the break so to grow into productive adults. “There is a ten years old girl here who has written a book and before you know it she will grow up to becoming a professional writer like Chimamanda Adichie and will have no need looking for a job,” she said.

Beckoning on government at the grass root level, she asked various local government heads to positively engage their youths and children especially during vacations.

Addressing the youths, she tasked them to retrain themselves by acquiring useful skills in addition to their academic training so as to avoid waiting for white-collar jobs that may not be forth coming.