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Appointment Of SGF: Don’t Stampede Buhari

Posted: Jul 13, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Understandably, of all the top positions which the President is to be filled, it is only that of the SGF that has received more public interest than even that of the appointment of Chief of Staff to the President or that of Attorney General.

There is no day one opens both national and local tabloids without one reading something on the appointment of SGF. There are several reasons for this. Some of these reasons need to be indentified and examined here.

In the first place, since the position has been assigned to the South-East, so to speak, the weeping child of all the States, interests in the appointment of SGF have assumed wider spectrum. The answer is simple. There are some people in this country who are often triggered including their blood pressure going up suddenly once anything good is associated with South-East. Some of these are those who are mere advocates of the Nigerian unity just outside their entire mental psyche but deep down in them they are just artificial advocates of Nigerian unity. Some of these persons are so myopic in their orientation and reasoning.

One thing which such individuals must not fail to appreciate is the incontrovertible fact that whether they like it or not, there are three major ethnic nationalities in this country. These are Hausa-Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba. I merely placed these three ethnic nationalities according to alphabetical order not order of population. Because, there is no authentic figure empirically obtained by any government office including Federal Bureau of Statistic (FBS) showing the population strength of any of the major ethnic nationalities or even that of any other. We merely indulge in superfluous assumption of the population of ethnic groups in this country. Otherwise, why are we afraid of doing a genuine national census which must include a break-down of the ethnic demography. Perhaps, once we do this, it will help to settle several issues. It is only then that the chicks could come home to roost.

The colonial powers who governed this country pre-independence knew what they were doing when they divided  this country into three regions: Northern, Eastern and Western regions of this country. Although it has been shown that such judgment had some elements of economic considerations if only to ensure the subjugation of certain area of the country in the interest of the colonial powers.

But for sure, nobody can successfully doubt it that the already mentioned three ethnic nationalities are the major ones. But this does not mean that other ethnic nationalities should be under-rated on issues of national calculation, permutation or distribution of goods, offices etc.

Without the availability of figures empirically obtained, we still continue to be speculative by saying or even believing that Kanuri, Ijaw, Efik, Uhrobo, Tiv, Idoma etc are another batch of ethnic nationalities with some measure of appreciable population. But since it has been “speculated” that there are over two hundred ethnic configurations, nothing should be done to brush any group aside no matter how small its population.

Be that as it may, there are still few Nigerians including those from the Southern part of this country: south-south, south west and even from the middle Belt who don’t want to hear of anything good about the Igbo. Such people whether they are former Governor, former this or former that must begin at least from now to accept the bitter reality of this country in terms of population so far being used which ofcourse was obtained through the means of normative projections or even through faulty empirical assessments.

These are those who stuck their necks out, working assiduously through low-minded “political spoilers” to frustrate the South-East from getting the SGF a lot already assigned to it.

The second reason why some people including some top leaders within the APC hierarchy who are trying to block the South-East from getting the position as already assigned to it by the APC leadership  is because certain name have been mentioned.

Thirdly, some people’s opposition to South East getting the slot because the name of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has been consistedly mentioned and analytically without bias recommended. Why simply these are those who think that financial support to APC or even a mere political and insidious postering would stop Dr. Onu. Onu was not simply picked from nowhere or simply because he is from the South East. Far from it, he has received the most unstoppable rare qualities he possesses. These are qualities that would help him become perhaps the most effective SGF if appointed.

These qualities have been elaborately canvassed here and there by many including my very self because I know him as unusual typical Nigerian politician. For example, he is not ambitious, prefers to get what is due to him. He is calm, noseless, does not seek public notice he is straight forward and does not use his tongue as an instrument of political castigation. Otherwise, those who have been on his way in the past and up till this moment, another politician would have say things to make heaven to vibrate. No not Dr. Onu. What is more, he is a person who has respect and regard for quality, scholarship and professionalism. He is not the type of a person that would use the office of SGF for political vendetta because he is a detribalized Nigerian, highly respected by the upper, middle and lower echelon of the society.

President Buhari does not massage scout leader or a ruffian as SGF. He does not. He needs a builder, a constructionist and a moulder of consensus and not a destroyer of well knitted administrative order.

Obviously, of the two persons recently mentioned to be considered for the SGF. Dr. Onu and Rotimi Amaechi, many would agree with me that in fact there are no basises comparing the two for the job. If these are the last two names to be considered, then president Buhari does not have any problem choosing Dr. Onu because two of them are just like the difference between the day and night.

APC has so many areas where the APC and the President can best use Amaechi. It is not for me to suggest but APC leadership knows his political chemistry very well and should not find it difficult to assign such duties to him putting into consideration his acidic propensity and belligerent and arrogant disposition. Maybe as Commander of the joint vigilante in the Delta Region or appropriately in any of the hottest States in the North. To make him the SGF is to make Professor Wole Soyinka a defector SGF because since Rotimi Amaechi has inseparable allegiance to Soyinka as he has already admitted, he cannot perform any of his jobs without first getting clearance from Soyinka. Afterall, making him the SGF should tantamount to inviting a scorpion to a dinner table. He is too controversial, on more no less. He should not be a dog in the manger by trying to be positioning himself for a job he knows he cannot hold. More than that, he is not from the South East. I believe that the people have spoken enough and a lot of the suitability of Dr. Onu for this position. He should be given the job and by the grace of God, he will excel and be part of Buhari’s monumental success.