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APC’s Case Against Wike Is Baseless – Akawor

Posted: Jun 3, 2015 at 12:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nigerian Ambassador to South Korea and Director-General of the Barrister Nyesom Wike Campaign Organization, His Excellency, Ambassador Desmond Akawor, in this Interview with DANIEL ABIA, he dismisses the suit against the 2015 governorship in the state by APC. He also speaks on other issues. Excerpts…

The new Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, said at his inaugural speech that he would conduct a forensic audit of government resources and properties alleged to have been either mismanaged or looted, does that suggest a probe of the Rotimi Amaechi government by this administration?

Desmond Akawor

Desmond Akawor

What I know is that governor Nyesom Wike has signed a social contract with the Rivers people; this contract is to get them the dividends of democracy. So far, he has gotten the judiciary opened. The House of Assembly is being put in full use and our legislatures are there doing their legislative businesses. I want to tell you that these are assignments that are not simple linking it to what happened in the last administration. Wike has also assured that every kobo and every property of Rivers people that had been carted away must be recovered. As a democrat that he is, recovering those things will not take governor Wike his personal involvement. But I can tell you that he will get them through appropriate court processes and committees. One thing I am sure of his that, Nyesom Wike will not go the Amaechi jungle way in recovering our looted commonwealth. He will go through due legal process to find out why Rivers properties were given out without due diligence. We know that those properties were given to Amaechi’s close relations and political associates without any recourse to due process. If getting those things back will amount to probe, so be it. But the governor was very careful when he used the word recovery rather than probe.


As a former DG to governor Wike/Banigo Campaign Organization, how did you feel when former President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat to Mohammedu Buhari on March 28?

Well, as members of the PDP what happened that day was not our plan. Our initial plan was to win the election. As you know, you can only vote in your ward in your state. You may not know what happens in other states and you don’t have control over those things. Jonathan was the President of Nigeria and the leader of our party, PDP. If at that point when we got at least 90 percent of the results, the President in his own wisdom decided to concede to General Buhari, I think he was in a better position to take such a decision. You can see that he is being held by countries of the world as a great man who has exhibited the spirit of sportsmanship. A lot of people had predicted doom for Nigeria, but Jonathan’s action disappointed those prophets of doom. Jonathan has become a world class democratic figure. Any country he enters into, he would be held in high esteem. As loyal party members, our desire was to win that election. But this is a game where as you go in, you win some and you lose some. For us in the south-south, particularly in Rivers state, we campaigned vigorously and we even gave him the highest number of votes so that he could win. Unfortunately, you saw what transpired in other states of the federation. We here did the best we could but it did not just work out for us.


PDP at the center, after the outcome of that historic election, appears to be in tatters, do you think the party will ever bounce back to reclaim power at the national level again?

I can guarantee you that PDP will bounce back even stronger. What happened is a proof that when you are in a journey and you encounter some trouble, you have to return to the junction you started from to reposition yourself for a better trip. I believe that whatever transpired in the process that led to the lost at the election, we will get it right. Already, the national chairman, Dr Mua’zu had since resigned, the BoT chairman, Chief Tony Anenih has also resigned. This development is to allow the reformation of the party at that level so that we can reposition ourselves for the challenges. And this will certainly lead to our retaking power at all levels. With the coming on board of the Acting BoT chairman, Haliru Bello and the Acting national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus and the crop of governors PDP has produced, I can attest to the fact that we will not only bounce back strong but will go all the way to get back power as a political party. We have formidable structure as a party that has been on ground for sixteen years. These are not structures that APC can afford to build over night. You can see that APC is a party of many parts. It will take them time to fuse together as one. You can see the problems they are already having in sharing positions at the national level because they must satisfy the component units. They must satisfy ACN, ANPP, CPC and they rest of them that form that alliance. This will certainly take them a long time to do and it will not devoid of rancor and some misgivings within the ranks.  We are one PDP. The structures are there from the ward level to the national. All we need to do is to change the captains steering the ship and we are up there stronger and better again for the good of Nigerians. Look at the chairman (Prince Felix Obuah) of the PDP in Rivers state! Were you surprised when Bishop Kattey described him as ‘a rugged chairman? That is the kind of leadership we want for the party. If we can take a cue from some states that have done well and we position our party leadership at the national level, 2019 will definitely be another year for PDP.


APC in Rivers State is in the tribunal challenging the governorship election, what in your view will be the outcome of the case?

Nothing will come out of it. They said there was no election, but you saw Amaechi; APC candidate Dakuku; APC chairman, Ikanya, voting in their various places. These are the same people saying there was no election. They said PDP killed their people. Does it mean that PDP killed their people in the first local government area, the second, third and all through the twenty three LGAs and none of their members could resist the killing? Amaechi even said in a Town hall meeting after the presidential election that now that Buhari has won, all the security agencies were loyal to him. That is the same person that came out to say PDP rigged the election. Two things were against Amaechi in that election. First, Rivers people were angry that he made our brother to lose the election. They were angry that the judiciary and the House of Assembly were closed down by Amaechi. They were angry that he pulled down the Olympia hotel. If we do election ten times, PDP will win ten times. APC has a very funny symbol. How can you campaign with a broom? It means that you either a native doctor or a night soil man. I can tell you nothing will come out of that tribunal. Wike is willing to open the hand of fellowship to others including Amaechi and all his APC members. Dakuku, I know will want to do that, but Amaechi will never allow it. Look at the transition, they refused to comply with our committees. The vehicle that was used in the ‘60s by governor for salute was not released to us. They carted away everything from the Government House, how will you reconcile with such a man?