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APC Has Never Been United – Nwaka

Posted: Jul 6, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Senator Emma Nwaka is the Abia State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In this interview with EMEKA OKAFOR, the former Senator clarifies some issues concerning his party, the PDP, and other political developments. Excerpts…



Recently, a former Senator that represented Abia Central, Mrs Nkechi Nwaogu, granted interview to the media; in that interview, she accused the PDP of some dictatorial tendencies, especially in the State. How would you react to the observations she made?

You know, generally, I am not always ready to discuss issues like this because they are neither here nor there. If you say PDP in the State is dictatorial at what point? In 2011, PDP gave her the ticket that enabled her to go to the Senate, she did not complain. You see, there are things I find difficult to understand; when people find themselves in what I may consider disadvantaged position. The way they talk about the organization that gave them the platform to become what they became in the past leaves much to be desired. I know that in PDP, we are a humane organization, we lay no claims to perfection. There may have been mistakes here and there, whether that is a sufficient reason for you to go away and begin to talk about the party as if you were not part of whatever was going on in the party is unfortunate, but one thing I know about political party is that, it is like a church, you are free to come in and free to go out. I hear that Senator Nkechi  Nwaogu has joined the APC, but, for me, if PDP is the fire, where she is now is the frying pan because you can see what is already happening at the National level. She has gone into a party that doesn’t understand what leadership is. The best thing for APC is just to have been in the opposition and make all the noise. Now that we have given them the destiny of Nigerians, they don’t know what to do with it, we are only praying to God that 2019 will come, so that we can take over leadership because one thing is clear, PDP is the best suited to run the  affairs of Nigeria, a thing which we did  coolly for the past sixteen years.

In the interview, Senator Nwaogu, said that part of the reasons why PDP lost in the presidential election was because of the impunity that characterized the party. As a National Working Committee member of the party, do you have a different view?

That is a simplistic way of putting it. I know we made our mistakes somewhere along the  line, I know too that a degree of complication set in. You know, when you have been in a place for quite some time, there is a tendency to take things for granted. I agree to that extent, but what I think that what really happened was that Nigerians wanted a change, you know that the change they are seeing now is certainly not what they envisaged. If they knew that the government that will take over from the PDP-led government didn’t have an idea what governance is all about, I am sure they would have remained with the PDP. So, it is not impunity per say, like I said, there was that degree of complication and then generally, people wanted a change. It happens to us in life. If you don’t want to eat garri in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night, that is the thing that happened and that is not to say that the last presidential election was free and fair. We all know it, we all watched on television and saw under aged kids voting in states like Borno where three quarters of the people are Internally Displaced People (IDP) we talk about, they are in Abuja, they are all over Nigeria, yet the State recorded almost hundred percent of the people voting for APC, we saw what happened in Kano, we saw what happened in Bauchi, you know, but it is just that we had a gentleman as the then President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who decided to allow sleeping dogs to lie in the interest of  peace, because if PDP had pursued all those things, I am sure Nigeria will not have been together the way we are today. So, we thank God for the spirit he gave to Jonathan.


Looking at the fortune of the PDP at the last election, are there plans to reposition the party ahead of future elections?

The process is already on. We can’t wait for 2019 to come and save the situation for Nigeria because Nigeria is too important in the committee of nations to be left in the hands of people whose personal greed and interest will not allow Nigeria to move the way it is supposed to be moving. If you look at what has been happening in the National Assembly in the past weeks, it is all about self-interest, about one man trying to impose what he thinks is proper on the rest of the Country. They (APC) are not practicing democracy.

It is more than one month since the APC assumed leadership of the country’s administration, how would you assess the party within this period?

You know some of us have always said that APC is not a political party; they just came together to grab power. You know, when you have a political party, it has programmes so that when you elect the people who will run the affairs of the country or the state, they go on to implement the party’s manifesto. But what do we have in APC? You have members of the PDP, CPC, you have ANPP and the rest of them. You know, what is now happening is that those groups are still distinct and separate from each other, they did not really merge into one; no, you have some degree of APGA people there, so what we will witness in the next four years will be what I will call the crab philosophy: CPC trying to move on and the ANPP dragging it down, APGA moving it to the other end. I am sure that Nigerians are praying for PDP to come back at the National level, and we cannot wait that long to save this country.

You may have been observing what has been happening at the National Assembly; as a former senator, are you comfortable with the happenings at both the upper and lower chambers?

No sensible Nigerian can be comfortable with what is happening at the National Assembly given the way we practice democracy. You know it is government of the people of the people for the people, what is going on there is not for the interest of the people. You see, you need the principal officers of the Senate at least to be in place so that Mr. President can now send the names of his nominees for the ministerial position and all that, with the way it is now, I don’t see that happening in the near future. So, what it means is that the ship of the State will just be ruderless, with no person in control. There is a semblance of governance going on. It is because of what former President Jonathan left behind. You know, I laughed the other day when they said that President Buhari couldn’t hit the ground running because handover notes did not get to him in time and then I asked, usually when they plan a coup, who gives them handover notes to take off? So, that just shows you how unprepared they are. Look at the small issue of security at the seat of power, today, you hear that they don’t want the Department of State Security (DSS); tomorrow, you will hear they want the military, a sensitive place like ASO Rock and they are saying that APC government is going to provide security to the entire nation. So, that is the situation of things in Nigeria today and we are unhappy about it.