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Another Hope Betrayed

converastion of an angryman
Posted: Jul 4, 2016 at 2:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Michael John
I guess I have had enough – enough of insecurity, enough of unkept promises, enough of untruths. For crying out loud, the APC promised us that they would fix the security situation in the country and that Gen Mohammadu Buhari was a security expert. I did not doubt them, though as a student of the Nigeria Civil War and based on the accounts of Jumbo, I never got the impression that the gentleman was a war hero. His name had figured in ministerial positions and the Petroleum Trust Fund and as a military Head of State…and that was all.

All the same, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, whose security experience is robust, including providing security for animals at Otta Farm, swore by the god of Thunder that the man was the best thing to happen to security since the invention of the film character, James Bond. A chorus of other voices amped the tune and left us with the feeling that with Buhari as President, we could keep our doors open at night and go to sleep and only bother with mosquitoes as uninvited guests. The man himself promised us that he would do away with Boka Haram in less than two months.

But events have not gone according to the script. Last week the Sierra Leone’s deputy high commissioner to Nigeria, Major General Alfred Nelson (retd) was abducted along the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway in the Federal Capital Territory. This entire evil of kidnapping has been internationalised. What has a foreign diplomat got to do with Nigeria that he should be kidnapped? This would certainly send shockwaves through the diplomatic community and lead to a greater sense of apprehension.

The Federal Government, in the mean time, told us that it had defeated Boko Haram. Or to put it the way they put it, they had technically defeated Boko Haram. Being a man who believes that a man’s “yes” should be “yes” I believed them. But thereafter we have been inundated by reports of Boko Haram being driven out of so-an-so place, that so-and-so number of Boko Haram insurgents has been killed. My concern, as a bloody civilian, is that several months after we heard that Boko Haram has been “technically defeated” they are still “technically in the news.” This does not fit in with the pattern. When General Yakubu Gowon defeated Biafra “technically” Biafra was not in the news for a long time. When it resurfaced it was political movement and a pressure group – not an armed militia. So what is going on?

We heard that Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was not good in security. One agreed with that because it was naive of him to declare a state of emergency in five states and leave political structures intact. Even my grandmother would have known that a state of emergency is a suspension of the constitution for the order to be restored. But Jonathan got it wrong. But to his credit, the security situation was not as like now. Now the entire country is like an action packed Chinese movie where people get killed for simply walking the streets.

The Niger Delta Avengers are going around blowing oil rigs and oil pipelines. They have the ridiculous claim that the APC government said that it would do more for the state’s that voted for them than the ones that did not and they want the APC government to use the resources from the States that voted for them to “bless” those States. Did the APC government make such a statement? If they did, I would simply quote WIlliam Shakespeare, “It was a grievous fault and grievously have we paid for it.”

The Fulani herdsmen are on rampage and killing people for the loss of their cows. When did human life equate with cow life? But that is what we have been reduced to. Cows seem to command more “cow dignity” than human beings command “human dignity”. What is the Federal Government saying? Nothing except that the herdsmen should be pacified by creating routes and ranches for them from the taxpayers money.

Cultists are on the prowl, murders are on the rise, security breaches have become the rule of thumb. Things have fallen apart and the falcon cannot bear the falconer. The security expert President has not given us any word of comfort. The executive arm has the legislative arm in its cross hairs – not the security threats. So I am cuckold mad because this beginning to look like another hope betrayed.