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Anambra hurts over the results of 2015 National Assembly elections

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 at 5:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Okechukwu Anarado


With the Presidential and National Assembly elections of 28 March, 2015 largely over, Nigerians are variously counting their gains and losses, given the fairness or otherwise of the Independent National Electoral Commission, leading all other enablers in the electoral conglomerate, in allowing the wishes of the people to prevail. It was indeed an arduous responsibility for everyone: the electorate, the political office seekers, the political parties and the electoral arbiters. Everyone’s efforts turned in surprises, more in the conducts of major participating individuals during and after the elections than in the general reception of the result of the Presidential poll. While the declaration of Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of the Presidential election elicited acceptance across board and wild celebrations in some quarters, the humble, most noble and timely submission of President Goodluck Jonathan to the popular wishes of the people outshone other tendencies. The President’s masterstroke of tactically sidetracking the plots of his cronies, who would rather have Nigeria aflame in their tenacity to the lures of power than permit the function of the people’s wish, cancelled the predictions of doom on Nigeria.

Events leading to the elections of 28 March, 2015, are indicative that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)-Government and people of Anambra State boldly lent support to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s bid to further his occupancy of Aso Rock. They did this while largely supporting all the APGA candidates vying for seats in the National Assembly. The wishes of Anambra electorate by voting massively for APGA candidates were however scuttled by an uncouth group acting the script of an opposition party in the state. This group took the state by storm by reliving the notoriety through which its members ruined the state prior to the redemptive regime that APGA has sustained in Anambra since 2006. On the 28 of March, 2015 the state was taken unawares by the PDP-tailored brigandage as Ndi-Anambra had put the savagery of the pre-APGA years behind them. The PDP-led impudence of the day was bothersome, but INEC’s willful collusion in announcing fictitious results soothing only to the sponsors of the heist is more discomforting.

The manner of the effrontery on the people’s will was suggestive that it received the endorsement of Aso Rock whose chief occupant, though inclining on a slippery edge, probably yielded to the overreach of his Anambra zealots who rashly pulled through their onslaught before the bottom fell off their overbearing slant to the presidency. In their bizarre expression of acrimony and power covetousness, the PDP chieftains forgot that tomorrow was sure in coming;  and when it did dawn (rather too soon) they were rudely harassed by the quick acceptance of the reality of change by their benevolent  benefactor.

The anger of Ndi-Anambra is however checked by their confidence that the wrongs of INEC would soon be straightened by the appropriate courts of the land. As the citizens heed the calls of the Government and leaders of the state to remain prudent in managing the hiccup, signs are however replete that the people’s patience will run short should there be any further attempts to undermine their electoral relevance when they come out en masse to demonstrate their passion for APGA candidates in the State House of Assembly election of 11 April, 2015. It is hoped that the Independent National Electoral Commission would listen to the voice of reason and resist the devious machinations of the defiant PDP agents.

It is worthy of note that in all these jostle, Anambra State is the victim. Ndi-Anambra should therefore see through the plot of this group who has sworn to destabilize Chief Willie Obiano’s progressive government and return the ruinous reign of anarchy under which they would revel on the blood of the state. Ndi-Anambra should spare nothing in their insistence on zero crime state which Chief Obiano has successfully anchored his cardinal development agenda of the state on. Vote for APGA candidates in the coming State House of Assembly election is an assurance that the people’s Governor continues to expand the frontiers of excellence in governance.

If President Jonathan’s counsel may count, perpetrators of electoral fraud in Anambra State and Nigeria should recoil and allow democracy take its natural course as the system firms up for the good of everyone.

Anarado, wrote in from Anambra State.