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Akiolu’s comment: A wakeup call to Yoruba – Group

Posted: Apr 14, 2015 at 3:10 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Akinwunmi King Snr Reporter, Lagos


A coalition of Yoruba youths under the aegis of Oodua Youths Congress (OYC), has called on the Yoruba race in the country to see the recent comment of the Oba of Lagos, Riliwan Akiolu, as a wakeup call.

The group noted that the Yoruba race needs to wake up from the slumber of being too nice and over-accommodating to the detriment of losing their heritage to the non-indigenes in the different south-west states.

In a statement issued by its President, Comrade Keji Phillip, on Monday, OYC stated that “unknown to the Yoruba people, non-indigenes particularly the Igbos who came to the west to explore their business potentials have been working quietly with some unscrupulous politicians and are almost practically taking over the affairs and undermining our heritage right under our nose on our own very soil.

“It is high time the Yoruba people woke from their sleep and took absolute charge of their land and heritage before it slips off from their grip. We frown at this development and in fact, we believe the outburst from the Igbos is an eye-opener for the yorubas that the non-indigenes cannot and should dictate for us on our own soil.

“How many Eastern states have yorubas on their executive cabinet? Involvement of non-indigenes in south-west governance at any level must be dictated by equal reciprocating participation of the Yorubas in governance at their own states in the East as well.

“About a week to the Governorship and House of Assembly elections, the paramount traditional ruler in Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu made some statements alleged to be against the Igbo community in Lagos.

“The diatribe that followed has been pathetic and the extreme desperation of some politicians who sought to profit from the brouhaha exacerbated the situation.

“The mind-set of some group of non-Yorubas especially the Igbos in our midst that Lagos is no man’s land is quite invidious. It is taking display of insensitivity to a ridiculous height, but the salient question this has brought up is ‘how did we allow this to happen or could this situation have been avoided,” the group queried.

It went further saying “Oba Akiolu’s outburst, however, unfortunate, was a blessing in disguise because Igbos outburst that followed gave us a rare opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

“Most Yorubas could not believe that the Igbos we have accommodated and empowered socio-economically used the opportunity to denounce us and are in fact now publicly demanding to dictate what happens to our lives in Yorubaland. This is an abuse of our accommodating nature and insult to our collect value as a people.