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Again, Nollywood Stars, Asiegbu, Duru Drum Support For Premature Babies

Posted: Nov 20, 2015 at 2:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
Ejike Asiegbu

Ejike Asiegbu

NOLLYWOOD stars Ejike Asiegbu and Francis Duru on November 17, in Abuja celebrated this year’s World Prematurity Day.

The two renowned actors, Ambassadors of LittleBigSouls International Charitable Foundation, took time out to present gifts to locals as well as celebrate the foundation’s partnership with Natus.
LittleBigSouls International Charitable Foundation, with its Jaundice Program raising an audible voice in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Globally to honour the million babies that die each year.
Asiegbu in a statement said Chief Mrs. Yvonne Igweh. CEO/Founder of LittleBigSouls was proud to announce its partnership with Natus the leading provider of medical devices, software and services for newborn care, sleep, hearing, neonatal and vital healthcare equipment and are excited to make a strong global impact starting in South Africa this year with a donation under the LittleBigSouls Equipment Donation and Jaundice Program generously supported by Natus.
“This vital impact in the  survival and care of babies affected by jaundice is  evident in the  charitable donation by LittleBigSouls and Natus  of the Non-invasive Jaundice/Bilirubin meter(Bilicare)  and a Phototherapy light (NeoBlue) to Dora Nginza Hospital  in Port Elizabeth on Friday 6th of November 2015 by Mr. Dale Isacks, Natus  International Regional Director Middle East and Africa and Mrs Anna Smith, LittleBigSouls International South Africa Co-ordinator and Representative,” the Nollywood actor said adding Jaundice, research reveals, occurs in over 60 per cent of newborn and “especially affects pre-term babies who may have immature livers and other existing underlying problems,  and may not be easily visible on a baby’s skin  until levels are exceedingly high. Thus early detection and treatment is vital to prevent complications such as brain damage. The need to be vigilant for jaundice has to be incredibly high immediately from birth.”
Chief Mrs. Yvonne Igweh said that “LittleBigSouls is incredibly proud of its partnership with Natus and very thankful of their generosity and belief in the mission of LittleBigSouls. We are excited about our ability to greatly impact care and survival outcomes for preterm babies and babies affected with Jaundice. Jaundice can have dire consequences for untreated babies and detection normally requires painful invasive procedures thus our joint efforts under our charitable programs will serve to greatly enhance the life- saving care given to jaundiced babies.
“This will in turn further help to eliminate the need for painful invasive tests in jaundice detection, ultimately improve healthcare outcomes of affected babies that may be cared for with the non-invasive meters and phototherapy light, reassuring families and supporting overall the dedicated and hardworking neonatologists and nurses at beneficiary hospitals”.
The need to detect jaundice early according to Igweh, was made evident  on the day of donation when a baby presumed to be non-jaundiced  that was simply being tested with the non-invasive meter to demonstrate its use was then found to have  high bilirubin levels and immediately placed under the newly donated phototherapy light. “This effectively helped to prevent jaundice-related complications from the outset highlighting the validity and necessity of this charitable mission. To date the LittleBigSouls Equipment Donation and Jaundice Program has donated equipment to over five hospitals in Nigeria and now South Africa. To date the LittleBigSouls Equipment Donation and Jaundice Program has donated equipment to over six hospitals in Nigeria in 2012 which are National Hospital Abuja, Maitama Hospital, Nyanya Hospital Lagos University Teaching Hospital, and Obio Cottage Hospital Port Harcourt. The work of LittleBigSouls in partnership with Natus highlights the fact that Premature Birth continues to be a global crisis as the tragic facts remain that a baby dies every second across the Globe and 15 million babies are born each year to preterm birth from the Born Too Soon Report .Tragically 1 million babies die each year, 75 per cent of which can be saved especially with programs such as the LittleBigSouls -Natus Equipment Donation and Jaundice Program.”
Francis Duru on his part said he was proud to be an Ambassador of the foundation adding that it was an avenue to give back to society and advocate for defenseless babies. “LittleBigSouls and Natus are thus proud this year to announce their vital partnership and advocate on this great initiative of honouring babies born too early on world prematurity day. This gives a voice to voiceless families affected by pre-term birth to share their stories, celebrating their miracles and helping to change the care and perception of prematurity and the terribly high death rates it claims daily.”
For over three years, Asiegbu and Duru have been Ambassadors of LittleBigSouls International Charitable Foundation and have been actively involved in its activities as well as celebrating the yearly World Prematurity Day both in Lagos and Abuja.