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Adewole at 50, reminiscence on pastoral assignment

Posted: Apr 3, 2015 at 5:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Aramide Oikelome / Senior Correspondent, Lagos


Pastor Festus Adewole founding pastor of Crusader Church, Akute is a father to many including non-members of his church. ‘Papa’ as his flocks lovingly call him, recently attained the golden age of 50 and he was celebrated amidst joy and testimonies.

Festus Adewole and familyPhoto: Aramide Oikelome

Festus Adewole and family  ……Photo: Aramide Oikelome

Reminiscing over his intriguing life story, Adewole recalled his past dubious and offensive lifestyle, but attested to the transformation that was wrought through the power in the blood of Jesus.

He described his journey in life as that of a man rescued from causing people sorrow to uplifting lives and destinies.

According to him, “It feels good, when you see people around you, you feel happy; it means you’ve made an impact on their lives.  When I saw this crowd today, I felt happy and excited because there was a time in my life that people didn’t want to associate with me. I was such a pest that people avoided me like plague; so it is a miracle today that so many people can identify with me and what I represent.

“The greatest thing that ever happened in my life is the call I have into this ministry.  Before now, I caused so much sorrow in the lives of people; I brought pain in the way I dwelt with them.  But today God is using me to create joy in the lives of many people.  The greatest thing that will ever happen to me is that God called me into ministry and I am very happy about it”, he told the audience.

On what success means, Adewole noted, “Success is not determined by the type of car you drive or the money you have.  Rather, it is about the assistance you render to people.  Whenever I see people sharing testimonies of what God has done in their lives through me, I feel very happy. So, it is the impact I make on people’s lives that I regard as success,” he said.

The cleric announced that a remarkable way to celebrate his 50th anniversary is through empowering the indigent people in his village.

According to him, “For over 30 years after I came to Lagos and gave my life to Christ, I didn’t go back to the village. When my mother died, I went and gave her a befitting burial. Last year I decided to go back to the village and make impact, I decided to go back and build a house for my father.

“I also bought a land which I will be using for ministry work.  Even now, we are negotiating for acres of land where we are going to build for projects that will enhance the lives of the people.  Some of my friends that we all grow up together are still in the village, with their many wives, drinking and living in abject poverty. I want to go and preach the gospel to them.  Also, I want to establish an NGO that will take care of the needs of people, Festus Adewole Foundation.”

The General Overseer, who also is a surveyor, said that he would have had regrets if he had not answered God’s call. Hence, his discovery of God’s purpose for his life has made the difference vivid in every sphere of his life.

According to him; “Truly, everyone is born to fulfill a purpose; that is what we call destiny. Long before I became a pastor, I discovered that God has put the interest for his work into my heart. I discovered that his purpose for me is for me to do his work.

“I would have regretted if I was not a child of God; I would also have regretted if I had not heeded the call to ministry.  As a result of this pastoral assignment, God has taken me to different Continents of the world.”

A documentary on his life was aired at the event, which said so much about his past as a trouble-maker and community pest, a trademark that cannot be reconciled with the present character as a peace-loving and gracious man of God.

On how he relaxes, he confessed to being restless as he has invested so much time and energy in the ministry work, but hopes to spend more time with his family.

Talking about his marital life, he narrated that he met his wife the first time during the Sunday school segment of the service.  According to him, he had been praying and telling God for the right wife as he does not want to make mistake in marriage, as some people he knew.

Being convinced that she was the right choice for her, in the manner of his church, he told his pastor his intention, who sent for her and informed her from which their courtship started.

Cueing in, his wife gave responses on what attracted her to her husband, how she has coped with a husband best described as a “praying machine” over the years. She also gave some word of advice to young unmarried women as well as tips on what makes marriage successful.

“I thank God for his life.  God told me he is his child; that he is a God-fearing man and during the courtship, he once made a statement that actually endeared him to me.

“He said, “If I ever make a mistake to put my hand on your chest or your backside, shout on me, in fact slap me”.  To me, that was the kind of man I wanted, a man who is not ready to mess up with me but one that fears the Lord and is prepared to help me live holy.

Her advice to spinsters; “My advice to these young ones is that they need to pray and get the right man for their lives, I remember after I got married and challenges started showing up, I was asking God why me?

“Based on my conviction, I knew what God was telling me. Anytime there is an issue I go back to God and remind him of how he spoke to me about him.  So, I will advice them to get God’s conviction.  There is no marriage without conflict or disagreement and agreement.  They should have genuine conviction.”