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Adamu Ciroma’s Double Speak

Bola Ige
Posted: Jul 1, 2016 at 2:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


By William Bozimo

The Adamu Ciroma I know is not often given to frivolities. A tested technocrat and a respected leader of the Northern power house. A former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and one time ‘most powerful Editor’ of now rested New Nigerian Newspaper that once controlled the viewpoints of the Northern Oligarchy.

 I liked the part of him as an erudite Editor; he was believed to have started the powerful and influential column, CANDIDO, in the New Nigerian Newspaper, once owned and run by the Northern governments.
 It was seen as a counter voice of the former most powerful Daily Times run by the late Alhaji Babatunde Jose at the Kakawa Street, Lagos. Recently, Alhaji Adamu Ciroma broke his seemingly long silence by making what amounts to a wakeup call to the members of the former ruling party- PDP, thus ‘APC’S FAILURE HAD MADE PDP MORE RELEVANT.’

Adamu Ciroma averred that the failure of the All Progressives Congress or APC to meet the expectations of Nigerians had revamped his party because it still dominates political discourse in the country. Hear the punch-line from ADAMU CIROMA when the members of the Board of TRUSTEES of the PDP visited him in his Abuja Residence, a double speak: “***What has played out so far since the APC administration took over after winning the 2015 elections, indicates that PDP did not lose and APC did not win because APC has a lot to do.*** He further added’ When you talk about politics, you talk about PDP. When you talk of politics, people talk about PDP, as if APC does not exist, So far APC is not playing the right role.’

 Adamu Ciroma, as one of the founding fathers of the PDP clearly understands what politicians’ major concern should be- the welfare of the masses as the centre piece of their policies and their mandate.
 Still pontificating on the need for PDP to catch in on the shortcomings of the APC, Adamu Ciroma intones ‘Politics will always be there.There must be good and bad people who participate in it. Everybody who participates   does so for a good cause, and that good cause is of the interest and political stability of all Nigerians.’ Urging further,he said ‘I insist people must play the rightful role in politics and that role is to promote the interest of the poor masses. Anybody can make a mistake.’
 Hailing from the powerful Ciroma family in Borno State, his elder brother was once a Secretary to the Federal Government.
 Adamu Ciroma, a former Minister of Finance and Governor of the Central Bank have seen it all in politics, and his voice cannot be taken for granted. Once he was believed to be a top member of the famed ‘KADUNA MAFIA’ and as an anointed member of the Northern ruling oligarchy, he understands what he meant when he said the APC has not played the right role since coming to power.
 Will the politicians hustling to wrestle power by hook or crook let peace reign in the PDP? These are issues the founding fathers, mostly from the Northern hemisphere are expected to do- bring sanity to bear in the party.
 The unrelenting battles in and out of courts by the likes of Senator Modu Bunu Sheriff, who appears tenaciously trying to hold onto the Chairmanship of the PDP is very worrying.
 Ahmed Makarfi, the interim Chairman of the PDP, has stated that the August 17 PDP National Convention in Port Harcourt, Rivers State will ostensibly, bring some breath of fresh air into the embattled party where all contentious issues and contending parties   would be reconciled, hopefully. A team was set up to harmonise several positions within the party with regards to zoning of offices to the North and the South of the country.
 It is now clear and agreed that the President has been zoned to the North for 2019, while the Chairmanship of the PDP had been zoned to the Southern States. The big issue confronting the PDP Convention in Port Harcourt is how to contend with further court orders which the unrelenting contenders for new offices might still be compelled to approach various courts to frustrate the party from agreeing not to disagree.
 In these lean economic times, who will pick up the bills of the Convention in Port Harcourt? Political monies usually are laundered from within and without the system. Do we still have moneybags in the PDP to write off the expenses of these serial conventions that ended up in smoke the last time when Alhaji Modu Sheriff was sent packing as incumbent PDP Chairman.
 Has Alhaji Modu Sheriff been appeased? Will he not surface in Port Harcourt for a second time with his deep pocket and perhaps bring in some Fulani herdsmen to scatter the Convention? Many Nigerians seem persuaded that he may have midwifed the emergence of the insurgent Islamic Boko Haram fighters while he was Governor of Borno State. I think, the Adamu Ciromas of the PDP would nip all negative forces in the bud on the eve of the second Port Harcourt PDP National Convention.
 If the PDP fails to put its acts together for the second time, it only means they would not be ready to take advantage of the seeming failures of the ruling Party – the APC as enunciated by the Alhaji  Adamu Ciroma, a recognised touchstone of the Kaduna Mafia and a leading light in the politics of  Northern Nigeria. Only time will tell and prove us all wrong. It is imperative for the PDP founding fathers, where ever they may be, to dust up their political shoes and thinking caps to steer the largely battered ship of the PDP to a safe harbour in the Garden City of Port Harcourt on August 17, 2016.