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Acting Is Not For Me – Emmanuel Williams

Posted: Jul 4, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Emmanuel Williams is barely three years working behind the cameras, but in that short time, he has become one of the most sort after movie makers in the industry. He finally finished shooting his own work called Stolen Lives and is about to take it to cinema. He spoke with Hazeez Balogun recently about the movie and the idea behind it.



Stolen Lives is the big movie in town now, what is the story all about?

It is a movie for the youth that talks about the social vices that affects Nigerian them. We talked about cases of rape, drug abuse, sex abuse, and cultism. The film also is aimed at promoting core family values. We found out that the Nigerian youth today are lured into various crimes due to peer pressure and picking up alien habits. We decided to do a film that deals with all these issues.

We gathered that it is a star studded movie, who and who featured in the movie?

First of all, I have to give props to Tunde Babalola who actually wrote the wonderful script. You know what they say, every good film is a product of a good script. Acting in the movie are Alex Ekubo, Ik Ogbonna, Ruth Kadiri, Beverley Osu, Tayo Shogbola, Jide Kosoko, Bukky wright, Kunle Coker, Toyin Alausa and a lot more.

That is really star studded.

Yes, we needed to do a very good and thorough job so we needed to bring in the best in the movie. The idea is to make a movie that will match international standard. Even from the scripting, we had hands like Bimbo Manuel who worked on the plot. We all know that Bimbo Manuel does not just work on any movie, but he saw the vision of the movie and decided to come on board. We have done our part which is the production and we cannot wait for the movie to hit the cinema so that we can get feed backs from the viewers.

Looking at all what was put into the movie, it shows it is a big budget movie, how did you get the funding?

It was very expensive putting everything together. From the onset, there was virtually no support from anywhere. We approached some banks for loans and we were denied several times. We finally got a loan from a bank and we are still indebted to them as we speak. It took us over a year to be able to gather the kind of money we needed to shoot the kind of movie we wanted to shoot. The movie itself took three years to complete. At a point in time, I was getting discouraged because I was not getting the kind of support I needed.

So what is the plan of making the money back?

The plan is that the film will go to the cinemas from September 11. From there we put it on DVD and then we will take it to movie streaming websites. What I also would like is that we have organisations coming in so that we can take the movie to universities and to secondary school. It is a movie with a message and I would like the message to be far reaching. I am also reaching out to government bodies to see how we can mass duplicate the movie and give out to young ones to watch.

How were you able to balance teaching morals in the movie and also making the movie an entertaining one?

We balanced it very well. I will give kudos to the script writer who did a good job in balancing it all. The movie is an entertaining movie that will keep you on your seat till you finish watching it. But while watching it, you would have subconsciously picked up the messages in the story. In fact the balance you are talking about was a big issue for us when doing the scripting. We had four drafts of the movie before we finally agreed on a well balanced one.