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About Unassuming Donald Duke

Donald Duke
Posted: Aug 27, 2016 at 3:28 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Being handsome comes with a lot of perks. When the man involved is also humble, the perk increases. This is a fact. However, doubters of this postulation can ask the former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke. He will surely confirm.

Onari’s husband was the Chairman at an event which held recently and as usual he was honoured; almost all the guests at the event marveled at his humility and poise.

Dressed in a navy blue flowing gown popular as Agbada, Duke was a delight to see. As he gave his speech, both men and women inside the venue listened attentively as if it was a lecture.

In the latter part of the event, specifically when pictures were being taken, Duke proved he was not a man to be swept off by ovation, as he put himself in check.

Flanked by two women who wanted a photo with him and remembering that the women weren’t neither his family members nor close friends he was quick to withdraw his hands which were initially extending to the back of the women. Talk of a man who knows his limit.