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Abandoned Project : Wike Challenges Amaechi To Debate

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Posted: Mar 30, 2016 at 3:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos

The Rivers State government has challenged Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transport to a public debate on the logic, financial cost, and social value of the failed monorail project along Azikiwe Road, Port Harcourt.

Amaechi in a statement on Tuesday had criticised the state governor, Nyesom Wike for not completing the controversial project. He also accused the Governor of playing politics with the lives of the people of the state.
The minister also accused Wike of not taking the development of the state seriously by vowing not to continue with the project.
“Pray, Governor Wike, which Rivers people told you not to touch the monorail project? Is it the same Rivers people that have consistently praised the project and see it as a catalyst to jump-start the local economy and place the state at the forefront of transport infrastructural development in Africa?
“Or is Wike aggregating the jaundiced views of the coterie of court-jesters that hang around him daily, as the opinion of the entire people of the state? It is sad, very sad that Wike has elected to play politics with this laudable project that was almost completed before Amaechi left office” the former governor said
But the State Government on Thursday, said it would meet Mr Amaechi for a debate on any platform, concerning projects abandoned by the previous government.

In a press statement, the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Dr Austin Tam-George, also challenged Amaechi to come prepared with full explanations on other inflated contracts and unexecuted projects, such as, the Greater Port Harcourt City project over which 200 billion Naira was spent with nothing on the ground to justify the huge expenditure.

Dr Tam-George also asked Mr Amaechi to give reasons for pulling down a standard, well equipped teaching hospital complete with doctors’ quarters along Hospital Road, Port Harcourt, leaving only weed to grow wildly in the space were the hospital once stood.
“By that thoughtless and disastrous action Mr Rotimi Amaechi restricted healthcare access for thousands of people, particularly women and children, and may have contributed to the deaths of thousands of people in the past eight years”, the Information Commissioner said.
“Will Mr Rotimi Amaechi also explain how 80 billion Naira was spent on the Rainbow Town project, near Amadi Ama, that was originally designated in 2010 to cost 40 billion Naira? Why does that project remain uncompleted six years after? ”
“How about the billions of Naira signed off the State treasury in the name of the so-called Justice Karibi Whyte Specialist Hospital, which is a fictional project that does not exist on land, sea or anywhere in Rivers State?” the commissioner asked.
The Commissioner reiterated the commitment of the Nyesom Wike administration to complete any relevant project that could uplift the socio-economic life of the people of the state.
The commissioner condemned the Amaechi administration for leaving the most abandoned projects in the history of Rivers State, since 1967, despite receiving over 3 trillion naira in revenue in eight years.