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Abuja, Metro

57-year Old Blacksmith Stabbed By Strange Person, Recounts Ordeals

Posted: Jun 10, 2015 at 12:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Hassan Zaggi –  Abuja


Adamu Salihu Makeri, a blacksmith who doubles as a bicycle repairer is still at a loss over who attacked him while on bed around 10: am in his house in Masaka, a suburb of Abuja three weeks ago.

Although police is yet to unravel what could have led to the attack and the master minder, but the incident looks like a mystery as the victim claimed he was dreaming about the incident and suddenly woke to discover that a strange person carried out the attack on him.

“The incident happened when I was sleeping in my house at about few minutes before 10 pm on that fateful day. My children were yet to return from their evening Islamic study near the Masaka Central Mosque.

“I had a dream that someone was about to stab me with a knife. Immediately, I woke up, I saw a knife penetrating my stomach close to my chest. I screamed but my wives were in their rooms then. I shouted again calling for help that someone had stabbed me,” Makeri said while narrating his ordeal to Daily Independent Metro.

“My wives heard my voice and they came to see what happened to me. When they saw blood gushing out of my body, they start calling on neigbours for help.  The person that stabbed me took to his heel and left the knife on my body. I managed to remove the knife and covered the wound with my hand but the blood was becoming too much.”

While the neighbours were trying to place calls to call his brothers, he said, “I told them that they should first find something to cover my wound to stop the blood before calling anyone.

“One of my tenants tore his cloth and used it to cover the wound. I was taken to Mararaba Medical Centre. After observing me, I was referred to Asokoro General Hospital in Abuja. My elder brother then suggested that we should go to Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Keffi.

“When we got to FMC, the workers were on strike. We went to a private hospital in Keffi. Getting there around 12 am, we were told that the doctor had closed for the day and will not come back till later in the morning.

“We then went to another hospital in Keffi where we deposited N35, 000 before treatment. We had N10, 000 initailly and pleaded with them to start the treatment but they refused. My two children had to ride motorcycle to Masaka to source for the money.

“The hospital demanded N195, 000 after I was given first aide to commence comprehensive treatment, we were able to pay N70, 000 and we left for another hospital where they charged us N130, 000. I undergo surgery and was in the hospital for four days.”

When asked whether he had issues with anyone prior to the attack, the 57-year old man said: “I have no quarrel with anyone. I am not good at going after women. Since I was young, God has helped me to control myself, let alone someone will say that I am running after his wife.

“By the grace of God, I have three wives. God has also blessed me with 23 children. Three of them are late remaining 20. I thank God for that. By the grace of God, I meet the needs of my children based on the strength God gave me. Some of them are in school while others that were due for marriage have since married with their own children. I have seven grand children.”

Surprisingly his attacker did not pick anything from his house. He continued his story. “I am not a rich man. It is only by the grace of God that I feed myself and my family.  I am neither a title holder nor a politician. I am not big businessman with contracts. It is only God that knows the aim of the person that stabbed me.”

Asked may be police had effected any arrest since he was attacked,  Makeri said, the police asked him to name whom he suspected. “I told my relations that I don’t know the person that attacked me and that nobody should border himself looking for the fellow. God will fight for me. Since I came to this area, I have never heard of any robbery incident or attack of this nature.  We have vigilante men, when it is 12 midnight; it is difficult to find anybody outside.

However, a source at the Masaka Police Force Division, who pleaded not to be named said the police  did not get needed cooperation from the victim, hence, they decided to withdraw since no concrete information.