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Avengers Should Shield Their Sword Now, Else…– Rev. Michael Abiodun

Rev. Dr Abiodun 1
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Reverend Dr. Kehinde Michael Abiodun, the General Overseer of The First Beloved Church Ministries International and Charter President Of Rotary Club, Omole Ojodu branch spoke with Chinyere Abiaziem on the need for Christian leaders to rise in unison against the recent killings emanating from religious intolerance as well as other national issues. Excerpts:

How did you start your ministry?
I was born into a Christian family.  I’m an Electrical Engineer by profession. I happen to be an inquisitive person and my inquisitive nature led me to different churches, but I finally settled in the white garment church from where God called me to start The First Beloved Church Ministry, which is based here in Nigeria but present in the United Kingdom (UK). I have happened to work in different corporate organisations including NITEL and NITECO. When God called me I was reluctant to heed His call. I thought it was enough financing crusades in the church where I belonged.  In the process I lost a lot of things, my wife went through a lot of agony, but to the glory of God I accepted the call, and God asked us to settle at Ojodu Berger. Since when we came down here in 2010, the Lord has been doing wondrous things, though the church is young, it is not little because the Bible says God does not deliver by number. If God is in a little project, it is more than one million people without salvation. When God told Daniel and Moses that He wants to use them, He did not give the condition of having one million people before using them. I have traveled and find churches with not so many members rejoicing and praising God and you feel God in their midst. But in this part of the world some are interested in crowd and not about genuine salvation. No wonder you find people who come to church to showcase their latest clothes, hair, shoes and all sorts of fashion accessories especially women. But when you ask them about the sermon that was preached in the service they attended they have nothing to say. You see we celebrate the container and not the content.

Why did you choose to go the Pentecostal way?
When God called me I faced a lot of challenges, in the sense that I contemplated whether to stay in the white garment or cross over. I started as a white garment but God told me that: “My dear this is not what I called you for.” So I had to leave though it was not easy. I thank God first, then I thank my wife for her support. We have seen many wives who told their husbands that they were the ones whom God called and not they the wives.

Your wife seems to mean a lot to you.
Yes. To the glory of God, she has been a pillar in the ministry that is why I call her my love, my wife. She was my first member and has always lifted me up with her care and soft words which we men don’t have. I said lifting because there is a difference between lifting and raising. That is to tell you that one cannot do it alone. That is why God called Eve an help mate to Adam. For the younger ones who claim equality it is not possible to be equal with your husband. Otherwise God would have said Eve should be having the production process all by herself. So our God never makes mistakes because he is the supernatural stakeholder of everything.

Did you receive any form of backup from your former church?
This is a very serious question. It is just like in any organisation, you don’t leave and expect people to like it. That is why one has to believe in God and in him or herself. Don’t expect perfection at any point. That is why in Engineering we were told that nothing is impossible, try it first. It was a very serious issue, some said, “ah, he will come back in the next three months.” But God has been faithful and to Him be the glory.

What do you think about people seeing churches as money-making venture?
People believe coming to the ministry is another easy way to make money. No, it is the easiest way to go to hell because the Bible says the judgment will start from the house of God. I do not believe it is the economy that is causing this, but individual intention. Christ had said it all that He knows His people and His people know Him.

What is your take on the activities of the Avengers?
They are wasting their time; they are following the wrong process. Let them hold their leaders accountable. Let them start from inside, they have local governments. I’m not holding brief for the Federal Government. The avengers are competing with God and they are going to be silenced because God is the only avenger. He says vengeance is His. You don’t fight a cause for God but allow God fight for you. I’m using this medium to appeal to them to put back their sword, if they don’t the innocent ones will suffer for it. We were not so young during the civil war and we knew what happened.

What is your comment concerning the RCCG Assistant Pastor that was murdered as well as other series of murder resulting from religious intolerance?

Naturally her killing and that of others who died as a result of religious intolerance is very condemnable. But to follow it from the instruction of Jesus Christ, Christians are not known for unnecessary revolt. I believe the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) ought to have a referendum. Nigeria is not a Muslim state. It is high time our leaders spoke with one voice. The problem with us Christians is division, some Muslims are capitalising on the division in the Christendom to do evil. If we should continue to keep quiet, I’m afraid worst things might happen. Do you know that if one cow of a Fulani is killed, three lives will go for it. I’m not saying we should revenge or go violent but what I’m saying is that in unison we should seriously speak against the evil of religion intolerance.