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HND, Degree Holders Are Equivalents, Not Equals – Okebukola

Posted: May 18, 2016 at 1:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Oyeniran Apata, Lagos Professor Peter Okebukola, former Executive Secretary , National Universities Commission (NUC), has described graduates of tertiary institutions in the country with the Higher National Diploma (HND) and their counterparts with University Degrees as equivalents, but not equals.

He made the clarifications while speaking as guest on a television programme monitored in Lagos over the weekend, saying that sanctions should be applied against organisations that still promote disparity among these categories of graduates produced by public ans private tertiary institutions in the country.

Speaking further on the differences between polytechnic and university graduates, Prof Okebukola stated that the differences existed in two clear variables.

“They are equivalents, but not equals. The equality comes as a result of differentials in a number of variables.
“First, qualification of candidates that get into the National Diploma (ND) programmes are not the same as that of the university. Many of the candidates for polytechnic education do not have the same number of passes like their counterparts that are qualified to go into the universities. They are not on the same level of passes

“Secondly, in the universities there are professors as teachers, while the reverse is the case with polytechnics where there are no professors to teach the students. All of these come into play to make them equivalents, rather than equals,” he said

He charged employers of labour; government and private, to give room for same level of career progression for these categories of graduates, saying there should not be discrimination among the two.

He added: “They are equivalents, but the problem is that of implementation. Government should begin to apply sanctions to organisations that promotes dichotomy between HND and graduates with degrees. There should be legislation and sanctions to organisations.”

Professor Gbenga Adewale, Institute of Education University of Ibadan (UI) in his assessment of the issue explained that the national policy on education clearly defines what university and polytechnic education are.

According to him the mandate of the university is to produce high level manpower, while polytechnics are to produce middle level manpower for the same purpose of nation building and satisfy the manpower needs of the country.

“We have what we call evaluation model in input, output and processes that vary along the line. In the input, university lecturers cannot be promoted beyond lecturer 1 if the person does have a PhD. At the polytechnic level it is not like that. As a first degree holder teacher in the polytechnic sector, you can even get to the zenith of the institution.

“Also, the intake is not the same. Admission into many universities is one sitting and not two as it is the case in polytechnics. From the requirements there is a dichotomy” , he said.