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Nigerians Task Buhari Over Worsening Insecurity

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The growing insecurity across the country has become a source of concern to many Nigerians. There is a lot of fear in the land that owing to the spate of killings arising from the crises in the country, life has become brutish. Apart from the Boko Haram insurgency in the North- Eastern part of the country, which has claimed over 12,000 people, the Fulani herdsmen are causing havoc across the country, killing in thousands and hundreds, destroying farmlands and houses in communities where they choose to attack.

Also, there is the daily threat by kidnappers and armed robbers who terrorise innocent citizens in cities. There is also renewed militancy in the Niger Delta, where oil installations are being destroyed and security agents hacked down, especially in Rivers and Bayelsa States.

The question on everybody’s lip is where do Nigerians go from here? What should the federal and state governments do, which they have not been doing? Where are the security agents not getting it right? What should President Muhammadu Buhari administration do to curtail the growing insecurity across the country?

Austin Yong, the former Rivers state chapter chairman of the Police Community Public Committee (PCRC), who is among the stakeholders who spoke to Independent on the issue, reiterated the need for the Federal Government to re-evaluate the security apparatus of the nation for effective and efficient performance.

Yong said the government should take an inward look into the entire security agencies and identify what could constitute impediments to peace and harmony among the citizenry. He also maintained that for the nation to boast of an effective security service, there must be some form of transformation in the security system.

He maintained that government alone cannot do what is required to secure the country without the involvement of the citizens, adding that “there is a need to work on the entire security apparatus and that includes, the Army, DSS, Police, Navy, Customs, Immigration and the rest of them must be re-examined.”

He suggested that the PCRC platform should be considered by government as the best way of securing the remote communities, giving the fact that government at the state and federal levels hardly gets to them for their satisfaction.

All Security Lapses Must Be Checked

Abdullahi Mohammed Isah, a civil servant, who also spoke on the incessant security breaches in parts of the country puts the blame at the door-step of President Muhammadu Buhari. He accused the president of not doing enough to contend with the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians.

Like Yong, Isah suggested the need for the overhauling of the entire security apparatus and ensure that new strategies were evolved for a better and more efficient securing of lives and properties in Nigerian. He stressed that President Buhari, as a retired Military General and former Head of State, is not new to the terrain, though age might have taken the shine off him.

Isah also insinuated that most Presidential Advisers may not be doing their jobs well or not doing it at all, hence the country found itself being overwhelmed by security challenges from different parts.

He lamented: “Today, it is the Fulani herdsmen fighting the farmers over grazing ground, ranch or grazing reserves, or it is the Boko Haram killing innocent people and Biafra agitators wanting self actualization.

“In the Niger Delta, it is the militants fighting for resource control and every day, it is one security issue or the other and people are dying, we cannot continue like this”.

“All these are pointers that the Security Chiefs are not working or not doing enough to surmount current challenges. So, my advice is that President Buhari should sit with the Service Chiefs and iron out some of these issues. The late former President Umar Yar’Adua did tame the militants. What did he do? How did he do it? These are the questions we should be asking to see how what was done then can work for in today’s context. Let us put politics aside?”

Isah regretted that security issues have being politicised, stressing that the trend does not augur well for Nigeria as a nation. He maintained that the government has different machineries, “ so, I expect such units should be deployed to get some of these agitators open up and air their views and government should now work on those so that there will be peace.”

Hold FG Accountable For Killings

As far as Gavers Ihematulam is concerned, the federal government should be held accountable for all the killings in the land, because President Buhari swore to protect the lives and interests of every Nigerian. He stated that nobody should be treated as alien or superior to others.

He asked: “Why should a Fulani man travel to the East and kill people just like that? Is it that they were not seen by all the security networks we have in Nigeria today? Why should Fulani men carry guns in the first instance? Were they licensed? Who gave them the guns and for what purpose?

“I blame all security apparatus for not doing enough because all the security agencies are expected to form a synergy to cover all tracks that could lead to shedding of innocent blood. There is no how security transits can be implemented or executed without element of intelligent report about somebody getting wind of what was in the offing before it happens.”

Ihematulam, a legal practitioner, however, advised President Buhari to work on the Response Time framework of the nations’ security apparatus to guarantee timely response to security issues in order to save lives.

According to him, security men should be trained to be able to get to the scenes of attacks before the damages are done.

He lamented: “Imagine, some of these killings were not done in isolation; people saw strange movements and they alerted those who should know and those who should ask questions about intruders, what did they do?

“The worst of it is the killing of some soldiers and policemen. That is to say that nobody is safe. I expect that with improved technologies, those manning the nation’s security sector should do something or even advise the President on what to do to check some of these killings.

“Why can’t the government evolve new strategies that will check avoidable killings by being more proactive than all these apologies when the deed has already been done? “

Ooni Of Ife, Varsity Lecturer Open Up


The Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi and Professor James Ayinde Fabunmi , a  university lecturer,  opened up on the issue of insecurity and how it could be checked during a symposium at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife. Oba Ogunwusi, on his own, stressed the need for Nigerian governments to prioritise the welfare of the youths in the implementation of its policies as a solution to the rising insecurity.

The monarch, who advocated for prompt promotion of local products, also called on the government to check medical tourism among the rich, which he said, had constituted a lot of burden on the nation’s economic growth and development.

He said for the country to grow in the desirous’ path, the leaders must live by example and design programmes that will cater for the welfare of the citizens, especially the youths.

The royal father said the only way to liberate the country from its present socio-economic, political and security challenges is for government to urgently intervene in the growing rate of unemployment by providing jobs for the jobless.

According to him, “the post-graduate life of our youths have been endangered and mortgaged to mis-governance, while over 80 per cent of Nigerian students are seeking for knowledge just to while away time simply because of the alarming unemployment rate.”

Oba Ogunwusi who described youths as future of the nation, said the country must explore the potentials embedded in them for maximised productivity and economic growth and development.

He said government must be mindful of the environment, situation and generations to come, while formulating policies and as well implementing its programmes to build a society free from criminality, idleness and all forms of social vices.

Professor Fabunmi, the Chief Executive Officer of Adulawo Nigeria Network Limited, attributed the growing insecurity in the country to the alarming rate of unemployment, adding that the youths are at the centre of the crisis.

He explained that the time has come for the government at all levels to deploy all necessary mechanisms to banish unemployment in the country.

Fabunmi implored government at all levels to declare emergency on unemployment, stressing that the nation’s leadership must fight unemployment as it fights insurgency, which according to him, snowballed into security threat.

He lamented the absence of basic infrastructure for young graduates to transform their intellectual genius and ideas into sustainable enterprises to boost the economic well-being of the nation and the standard of living of the people.

According to him, “many college graduates in many developing economies lack the opportunity to transform their intellectual genius into commercial ventures for their betterment.”

While lamenting the growing rate of the unemployment in the country in spite of the huge resources, wisdom, brains and knowledge, Fabunmi said that the nation still remains far behind in term of innovation, creativity, technology and industrialisation, adding that these had led to insecurity in the nation.

Bombing Of Oil And Gas Facilities Barbaric, Insensitive –CEPEJ Boss

Comrade Sheriff Mulade, Coordinator, Centre for Peace and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ), believes that the current bombing of oil and gas facilities is barbaric, insensitive and uncalled for.

Mulade, in his contribution to the issue of growing insecurity in the land, sad that findings have shown that Niger Delta Avenger is an aggrieved group, which perhaps may have perceived that their benefits are monopolised by their leaders and therefore resorted to violence to draw attention to themselves for possible invitation to discuss their own terms and get their proper benefits.

Mulade posited that there is no moral justification for the recent attacks, lamenting that the people have been exposed to great danger, the ultimate victims that will suffer from these latest attacks as the attendant environmental degradation is better imagined than experienced.

‘’Our environment is the only heritage we have and destroying it, does us no good. So, I advise them to sheathe their swords and come to a roundtable. Dialogue is the best means to resolve issues and conflicts.

“I believe that regardless of their grievances, there are better ways of expressing them than indulging in further destruction of the already massively degraded Niger Delta environment,” he pleaded.

He believed that not all the Niger Delta militants participated in the amnesty programme, as not all of them went through the training process for proper integration into the society as they probably doubted the sincerity of government.

‘’Some of them were afraid that the amnesty programme was a trap to arrest them for prosecution and yet others did not realise that there would be benefits accruing to them,” he revealed.

While he said they want justice, equity and fair play as far as oil resources are concerned, Mulade expects government and security agencies to unmask the group as he said the truth may not be far-fetched.

On whether the new group has a link with ex-militant leader, Tompolo, Mulade said Tompolo had denied being part of the NDA, adding that “we should believe and commend him for being bold enough to publicly denounce the activities of the new group.”

Mulade, however, agreed that active advocacy could bring peace and security to Nigeria as well as deliver sustainable development to the people, saying dialogue is the best option, instead of the era of using arms struggle to demand for fair deals.

Chief Maxwell Iwuji, Owerri-based retired college principal and proprietor, expressed surprise that Nigeria has continued to face insecurity despite expectations that this should have been a thing of the past by now.

He maintained that when President Buhari mounted the saddle of leadership, he had assumed that the Boko Haram sect members were committing their atrocities to frustrate former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, to pave way for the emergence of a President of Northern extraction.

Iwuji stated: “Now that the President is one of their own, what else do they want? Let PMB sit up and do something about the insecurity situation in this country before we are all wiped out.”

Rev. Ignatius Obijuru, a cleric, however goes spiritual insisting that Nigerians have sinned against God and do not want to repent and atone for their sins. For him, “the problems of this country, including insecurity, require divine intervention for lasting resolution. Many innocent lives have been wasted with property worth millions of Naira destroyed.

“In as much as I expect the security agencies to be much more alert, I cannot blame the President because he is neither omniscience nor omnipresent. He cannot be everywhere to know what is happening.”

Dr. Ojiaku Hyacient, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Oru West Local Government Area (LGA), on his own maintained that when former President Jonathan was in power, people castigated him over the security problems in some parts of the country.

He said: “But now, has the situation changed? Since he left office, how far have we gone to check the security problem in this country? Your answer is as good as mine.”

For Ikechukwu Onyebueze, an industrialist and human rights crusader, President Buhari should stop what he termed “all these meaningless overseas trips he is undertaking and settle down to address our needs. As the saying goes, ‘one does not pursue a rat when one’s house is on fire’. As far as l am concerned, the President has not done anything tangible to address security.”

Insecurity Drives Away Investors – IGP-Arase

Hon Rufus Bature , the Secretary To Plateau State Government (SSG), has  suggested that  the solution to the growing problem of insecurity in the country is  constant  dialogue. Such dialogue, he said, must be sincere, honest and should build confidence among warring ethnic groups in the country.

Bature, in an interview with Independent in Jos, explained that what made the relative peace being enjoyed  in Plateau State  in the last one year  under the current Rescue Administration possible,  is  the ability of the government to give all sides the opportunity to come to a round table discussion to discuss their problems and find a common ground to address them.

He said that through dialogue there will be lasting peace, while fighting and killing of one another would end, where there will be no victor, or casualties and losses on both sides.

Bature maintained that government at all levels must continue to engage the warring and disputing groups in dialogue, advising, “this effort on dialogue must continue so that the warring groups will lay down their arms and go for peace.”

He added that criminal elements in the society have to be fished out by the security agents and be brought to book, insisting that innocent Nigerians should be protected to go about their legitimate duties, noting that protection of lives and properties is the basic responsibility of the government towards the citizens