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Stinking Heaps Of Refuse Overtake Yenagoa

Posted: Jan 4, 2016 at 7:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Igoniko Oduma,


Stinking decomposing heaps of refuse have overtaken the streets and roads in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, and its metropolis.

Investigation at the weekend showed that virtually all the streets and roads in Yenagoa have been overwhelmed by smelly piles of wastes.

The suburbs are not also spared as heaps of refuse oozing offensive odour litter the nook and cranny.

Officially designated  refuse dump sites within the metropolis, especially at  Igbogene, Yenegwe, Akenfa, Agudama-Epie, Akenpai, Edepie, Etegwe, Okutukutu, Opolo-Epie, Biogbolo-Epie, Yenizue-Gene, Kpansia, Yenizue-Epie, Okaka, Ekeki, City-Centre Amarata, Onopa, Ovom and Yenagoa Town are overflowing with heaps of wastes.

The two major roads in the state capital, Mbiama-Yenagoa Road and Isaac Boro Expressway, are also overflowing with stinking piles of refuse.

In some areas, the overflowing refuse has narrowed the streets making it difficult for vehicular traffic to flow.

Some residents  complained that most of the refuse heaps had not been evacuated for several weeks, stressing that the poor sanitary situation could have adverse effects on their health.

“We celebrated the Christmas and New Year festivities with the nauseating smell from these mountainous heaps of refuse”, said a female resident who pleaded anonymity.

To quench the stench from the decomposing heaps, fire has been set to some of the refuse heaps by unknown persons thereby keeping the air in Yenagoa perpetually choky.

Evacuation of refuse and the poor sanitary condition of Yenagoa have  been a major challenge to the Governor Seriake Dickson-led administration in the state as refuse litter the state capital for months before they are evacuated by the Bayelsa State Sanitation Authority.

Sanitation officers under the guise of task force frequently move from one business outfit to the other in Yenagoa extorting and collecting “fees” while the heaps of refuse remain unattended to.

It was observed that one of the officially designated dumping points at Kpansia area is in front of a deplorable state-owned school building made use of by a public primary school and secondary school while another refuse point is by the Kpansia Market.

Following the inability of the PDP-controlled government to evacuate refuse within Yenagoa and environs, the All Progressives Congress( APC) in the state, last November, mobilised some women and youths as volunteers to remove the garbage.

But the concern shown by APC resulted in a skirmish as some persons believed to be PDP supporters attacked the party’s sanitation volunteers with some sustaining injuries.

When contacted, Chairman of the state sanitation authority, Oforji Oboku, said the agency was incapacitated by poor funding, assuring members of the public that the matter would be addressed.

“We have some economic challenge but we will overcome it”, he said.