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2015: Lack Of funds May Affect Athletes’ Performance, Says AFN

Posted: Apr 30, 2015 at 1:58 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has stated that it lacked the funds required to prepare athletes for 2015 season’s World Athletics Championships and All Africa Games.

And should it remain like that, athletes’ over-all performance will suffer.

A credible AFN source who refused to be named further revealed to Daily Independent that the federation succeeded in the 2013 season on borrowed funds despite N200m approved by the National Assembly for its operations.

“I can tell you that as a federation, plans are yet to be harnessed for early perpetration for our activities next season.

Though, the federation has commenced the 2015 season, but funds are still scare to adequately fund the programme.

“Our junior and youth athletes were in Ethiopia and Mauritius this season, how they got there nobody cared to ask. The federation officials have tried their best in funding these competitions and can longer continue,” the source said.

Continuing, AFN  during 2013-14 seasons had already called athletes to camp and for three months, they remained in camp getting ready for the concluded Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and Africa Athletics Championships in Morocco.

According to the source, the federation will only get involved in preparation activities if funds being held by federal government are made available, adding that, a few board members had incurred personal bills in their attempt to move athletics forward in Nigeria without a refund.

“This season will be tough, there are more to do this season, but lack of funds would drastically affect it.” Most of our athletes have peaked in anticipation that the national sports festival will hold, but when it was shifted, they resorted to training and this is not healthy. The federation would have camped some of the elite athletes had money been made available,” regrets the AFN board member.

Meanwhile, most athletes are may not be relying on the federation to kick-start their season’s preparations as majority of them have commenced preparations for the next season’s athletics activities.

Top athlete Ogho-Oghene Egwero revealed that athletes are basically independent of the federation regarding funds for training. “I personally don’t wait for the federation to start training, because if you do, you would regret it. Some of my friends have started training with personal funds because this sport is an individual event and no one waits for anyone.”

He noted that in other climes, it’s totally different as federations plan programme and release funds for selected athletes, it could be through lottery or sponsorship funds, but here, it’s not like that, athletes pick their bills in most cases.